Friday, February 14

Don Dixon & Marti Jones cover The dB's!

pro-shot video:
Don Dixon & The Jump Rabbits
hi-def video filmed at Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC on Oct. 24 2009
shot and edited by Jay Thomas, produced by Elizabeth Malcolm
(best-quality YouTube version is HERE)
WHO'S PLAYING on the SONG & in the VIDEO:
Don Dixon - vocals, bass, gum chewing
Jamie Hoover - guitars, backing vocals
Jim Brock - drums (& all manner of other percussion)

Marti Jones covers The dB's "Neverland"
Live in St. Louis, 1986

Pretty sure this features The Woods & Tim Lee backing Marti
A studio recording of this song by Marti is on her solo LP Unsophisticated Time 
Don also covered The dB's "Bad Reputation"
(by Peter Holsapple) on his album EEE
have a listen:

(The lovely and talented singer-painter Marti Jones is on backing vocals) 

Here's Don telling Will Harris of Popdose why he chose to cover "Bad Reputation":

DD: Well, you know, I’ve always loved Peter’s songs. On EEE, I do a couple of songs by other people. I always tried to record at least one song by a friend of mine on every record. It’s kind of a tradition for me. The covers weren’t always songs by friends, but typically they were. I did a song of Mitch’s, too. And I’d always liked “Bad Reputation.” I felt like it had the right sentiments, as far as I’m concerned, for silly, angsty child-rock, and it was a song that Peter had done with the dB’s on Stands for Decibels. I’d become familiar with it while searching his catalog, looking for things for Marti, because Marti had recorded a couple of songs of his. And, plus, I’ve known Peter since he was in the 8th grade, and I like him. 
(Read the rest of this excellent interview HERE).

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