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Rain Parade - Madison, WI 1984 & London 1985

Madison, WI
Nov. 8, 1984

NOTE: 2 separate shows, 2 separate downloads
If you like these and ask nicely, I might post some more later…

audience recording (sound quality VG; a club show, so of course you can hear audience chatter, but not ruinously so)

Rain  Parade: contemplating what they've done to your mind...

SPECIAL THANKS to gomonkeygo at The New Disease, where I first snagged these...
01 You Are My Friend
02 One and a Half Hours Ago
03 Prisoners
04 On the Way Down 
05 Kaleidoscope 
06 Blue
07 Don't Feel Bad
08 Sad Eyes Kill
09 No Easy Way Down 
10 This Can't Be Today
11 Broken Horse
12 Crashing Dream 
13 Ain't That Nothin’ (Television cover)

Riverside Studios
London, UK
May 19, 1985

soundboard recording (quality Ex--; quite nice sound)

01 You Are My Friend
02 This Can't Be Today
03 Blue
04 Prisoners
05 Broken Horse
06 Kaleidoscope
07 Saturday's Asylum
08 Don't Feel Bad
09 What She's Done to Your Mind
10 No Easy Way Down
11 Night Shade
12 When You Dance (Neil Young cover)

Rain  Parade:
Will Glenn - keyboards
Mark Marcum – drums
Matt Piucci - guitar, vocals
Steven Roback - bass, vocals
John Thoman – guitar, vocals

Learn more about the music of Rain  Parade at Wikipedia or AllMusic … and read this great, extensive interview with Matt Piucci and other leaders of the “Paisley Underground”

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