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Tele vision - New York City, December 1977

New York, NY
December 28, 1976

audience recording (sound quality VG-; can’t really say the sound is great, but it certainly qualifies as "good." And this has the best sound quality of the shows I’ve heard from 1975-77. Note: this is a recently-shared, speed-corrected edition of this recording, so you might want to give it a try even if you have a previous version)

SINCERE APPRECIATION to SR, daniel, jokingman and stranger009 

TV men: Billy Ficca, Richard Lloyd, Tom Verlaine and Fred Smith photo by Roberta Bayley

REPERCUSSION: It’s probably not a stretch to say Chris Stamey’s life was changed when he went to New York City in 1977 to begin attending NYU and saw Tele vision and others in “the burgeoning CBGB’s rock scene.” Later that year, he connected with Tele vision guitarist Richard Lloyd and, with him, recorded the single “(I Thought) You Wanted to Know.” On the flip side was “If and When,” the first release ever credited to “Chris Stamey and The dB’s.” The following show gives you an idea of what Chris heard all those years ago…

SAMPLE: "Fire Engine (CBGB Dec. 1976)"

The young Chris Stamey, c. 1978
(photo by Stephanie Chernikowski) 
01 See No Evil
02 Poor Circulation
03 Prove It
04 Little Johnny Jewel
05 I Don't Care
06 Friction
07 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
08 Satisfaction
09 Fire Engine
10 Venus
11 Elevation
12 O Mi Amore
13 Adventure
14 Kingdom Come
15 Careful*
16 Friction*
17 Marquee Moon* 

   *last 3 from CBGB, Dec. 29, 1976 show (Handmade Records boot “Last Time”)

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Tele vision:
Tom Verlaine - guitar, vocals
Richard Lloyd - guitar
Fred Smith - bass
Billy Ficca - drums

Learn more about the music of Tele vision at AllMusic and/or THIS fab fan site

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