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Big Star - New York City 1995

Lynne Porterfield design
New York, NY
November 8, 1995

audience recording (sound quality range VG- to VG; transfer from master tape)

ROB SEZ: This is Big  Star’s first NYC show in 22 years. Enjoy this one for the energized performance and crowd enthusiasm rather than for the sound quality (which isn’t great, but isn’t too bad, either).

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the taper and uploader!

01 In the Street
02 Patti Girl*
03 Don't Lie to Me
04 When My Baby's Beside Me
05 Way Out West
06 Till the End of the Day (Kinks cover)
07 banter
08 The Ballad of El Goodo
09 Back of a Car
10 Big Black Car (cuts in)
11 My Baby Just Cares For Me**
12 Feel
13 September Gurls
14 Daisy Glaze
15 For You
16 Baby Strange (T. Rex cover)
17 Thank You Friends
18 band intros, more banter
19 Slut (Todd Rundgren cover)
20 encore applause, tuning
21 Kansas City
22 Pennsylvania 6-5000

*Dick Campbell tune; Gary & The Hornets cover (LX and Teenage Fanclub released a studio recording of this song on a 45-inch single in 1995)

**Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn tune

Big  Star:
LX Chilton – lead vocals, guitar
Jody Stephens – drums, vocals
Ken Stringfellow – bass, vocals
Jon Auer - guitar, vocals

 Outside Tramp's
NYC in 1996

Ken & Jody (above); LX (at left)

Grab this before someone turns it 
into a commercial release!!


Here's the second commercial solo release 
since the death of LX Chilton in 2010:

(it used to be a boot!)


  1. Thank you for this wonderful site! I had no idea this recording existed. I actually attended this as a 23 yr old. A few years earlier, I saw Box Tops perform 4 shows in 2 nights at Arizona Charlies, a hole in the wall casino in LV. A highlight - I went to the casino during the day, hoping to catch a Chilton glimpse. First, I watched him do to a soundcheck. Then, he sat down by himself and had a drink. I approached him and asked if I could take a seat. He suspiciously obliged. Once he realized my sincerity, he opened up, and we chatted about songwriting for 15 minutes. Anyway, I'm now 42 yr old, and I've passed along my love of all things Big Star (and Beatles to chase the lineage) to my 8 yr old son (middle name the initial "B").

    1. Welcome aboard, O. Love your enthusiasm for the music. Enjoy finding the other Big Star & LX posts here at the site. So cool that you got to chat with him! Do you know about the Big Star reference board? It's here:

  2. Thanks, Rob. I also downloaded other Big Star along with others. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out. Your passion has caused me to reassess/rediscover db's. I've had a few of theirs for decades but - similar to how you described Game Theory / Loud Family - always found them a little too experimental/jagged. The one I've most enjoyed over the years is Mavericks, but that's probably more a function of the sound/production... I don't know. Whatever the reason, I'm going to spend the necessary time absorbing the dh's. After all, I've always said the reason I buy and "consume" so much music is because of the fear that something exists that I'm not aware of that I'll absolutely love... the pursuit of this results in that fire. Also, strangely I've always thought GT/LF and db's sound more like each other than either sounds like Big Star (which I've thought Teenage Fanclub and Posies sound like). One more thing... I (embarrassingly) had no idea about the Mitch Easter connection!

    1. Love it. Sounds like we're kindred musical spirits...


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