Friday, November 15

Let's Active - Washington, D.C. 1985 (FM)

9:30 Club
Washington, DC
Feb. 9, 1985

FM capture via web stream (sound quality VG+)

MANIFOLD THANKS to fantom for pointing me to jat13's post of this show on the Internet and to jat13 for sharing.

The 9:30 Club exterior (old F Street locale) in Washington, DC
photo by Charles Crockett
Interior, The 9:30 Club today. photo by LaVan Anderson

01 Back of a Car (Big Star cover)
02 Room with a View
03 Ornamental
04 Leader of Men
05 Prey
06 Crows on a Phone Line
07 Ring True
08 Edge of the World
09 Co-Star
10 Easy Does
11 Secret Agent Man (Johnny Rivers cover)
12 Flags for Everything
13 Every Word Means No
14 Shakin' Street (MC5 cover)
15 Waters Part
16 Blue Line
17 I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen (Slade cover)

TT: 1 hour, 1 min., 54 secs.

Alt. Link 

Letch Actively:
Mick Ersatz – guitars, vocals
Faye Hunter – bass, vocals
Jay Peck – drums
Tim Lee – keyboards, guitar


  1. How'd I miss this? My thanks to you and those who scour for such aural delights.

    Oh, two other items. Congratulations Rob! (on the hundred grand hits). I also meant to thank Will Rigby for his contributions to this blog a little while ago. I sincerely hope he drops back in. There's nothing like the real deal!

    My thanks again for the new Letch, Rob. Here's to two hundred thousand hits!


    1. JUST when I thought no one would leave another comment, you come along and restore my faith!

      Thanks for the thanks, Oxy.

  2. Like the Cat's Cradle, this is another venue that's moved around a bit over the years.... I can say neither exterior nor interior were looking like that around 1985.... It was a basement space at the time.

    1. Interesting! From the looks of that Flickr photo, the former locale was *quite* a contrast to the current location & look of the place. Thanks for the history lesson; I've updated the first photo to show how the exterior of the club might have looked in 1985 when LA played this show...

    2. That (top) now looks like the place! Indeed, looks to be hell of a long ways from the other venue by the same name...

    3. Kinda interesting they decided to keep the name, even though the address wasn't "930" anymore. I guess they'd become an institution by the time of the first move...


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