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The Music of Star, Big – Amsterdam 2012

B.S. & guests
De Melkweg
The Netherlands
November 21, 2012

audience recording by Dutch Masters' Apprentice (sound quality VG+)

The latter-day B.S. lineup includes 2 members of The Posies
photos from a similar “Music of B.S.” event in The Netherlands
in April 2011 by Bas Jongeleen via Flickr 

SPECIAL THANKS to Cornello for permission to share here. Please honor his request: do not convert to, or share this show in, any lossy format, unless solely for personal use.
What — a B.S. show without LX Chilton?? Yeah, I know: you’re not sure you want to bother. But if you love the group’s music, you probably want to give this a listen. The lead vocalists do a great job, and I think the re-constituted B.S. is very underrated.

Setlist: (lead vocalists listed in parens)
01 intro
02 Back Of A car (Jon Auer)
03 In the Street (Tim Knol)
04 Don't Lie To me (Tim / group)
05 When My Baby's Beside Me (Jon / JB Meijers)
06 Way Out West (Jody Stephens)
07 Kangaroo (Jacco de Greeuw)
08 I Am The Cosmos (Jon)
09 You Get What You Deserve (Bella Hay)
10 My Life Is Right (Ken Stringfellow)
11 For You (Jody)
12 Lady Sweet (Jon)
13 Holocaust (Jacco)
14 Daisy Glaze (Ken)
15 You And Your Sister (Jelka van Houten)
16 Big Black Car (JB)
17 Give Me Another Chance (Ken)
18 The Ballad of El Goodo (JB / Ken / Jon)
19 Thirteen (Denvis / Bella / Jon)
20 Slut (Pablo van der Poel)
21 Feel (Ken)
22 September Gurls (Jacco)
23 Ken Stringfellow speaks
24 Thank You Friends (Denvis)
25 Jody Stephens speaks
26 Blue Moon (Jody)

TT: 1:39:26

Jody Stephens, sole surviving member of the original lineup, carries on

Lossless WAV files (BIG zip file – please be patient with download)

Core band:
Jody Stephens (B.S.)
Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, B.S.)
Jon Auer (The Posies, B.S.)
JB Meijers (De Dijk)

Tim Knol, Jacco De Greeuw, Bella Hay, Jelka van Houten, Denvis, Pablo van der Poel, Roland Brunt

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