Friday, July 19

Lloyd Cole - London 1991 + bonus 1987 show

Lloyd Cole is back with a smashing new album, Standards. 
Here are two archival live shows. Rob says Lloyd’s da man!

Hammersmith Odeon
Oct. 26, 1991

FM capture (sound quality Ex-) 

01 Rattlesnakes
02 Charlotte Street
03 Mr. Malcontent
04 Weeping Wine
05 From the Hip
06 Patience
07 Butterfly
08 There for Her
09 Man Enough
10 A Long Way Down
11 She's A Girl and I'm A Man
12 Pay for It
13 Perfect Blue

Musicians (presumed lineup):
Lloyd Cole - vocals, acoustic guitar
Robert Quine - lead guitar
Jack Johnson - guitars
Blair Cowan - keyboards
David Ball - bass
Dan McCarroll – drums

Royal Concert Hall
Nottingham, UK
Nov. 13, 1987

BBC Radio One broadcast with Johnny Walker

FM capture (sound quality Ex-; excellent sound marred only by a half-second cut just before start of each track)

01 My Bag
02 29
03 Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?
04 Jennifer She Said
05 Patience
06 Perfect Blue
07 Hey Rusty
08 Mr. Malcontent
09 Perfect Skin

(complete broadcast, which did not include complete concert)

Lloyd Cole & The Commotions:
Neil Clark – guitar
Lloyd Cole - vocals, guitar
Blair Cowan – keyboards
Lawrence Donegan – bass
Stephen Irvine – drums

MP3@320  (second show = MP3@256)
LC: sharp-dressed man in Chinatown.

Lloyd Cole's new album is Standards.
A gutsy title, yes. But it's merited.


BUY Standards directly from Lloyd Cole. Or, if you must, you can give Amazon more of your money.

Learn more about the music of Lloyd Cole at the artist's official site and/or AllMusic

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