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WORLD PARTY - San Francisco 1990 & London 1994

The Warfield
San Francisco, CA
Sept. 10, 1990
BBC Radio One
London, England
1994 (FM broadcast)

FM recordings (sound quality Ex-; both recordings sound like excellent FM captures or even better; judge for yourself — I think you’ll like what you hear)   

Highlights: great performances by a post-modern master of funky pop. Pick any track, have a listen, and start to feel a little more groovy… 

NOTE: 2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads

The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 1990-09-10
01 Private Revolution
02 All Come True
03 When The Rainbow Comes
04 Put The Message In The Box
05 Is It Too Late?
06 Love Street
07 World Party
08 Way Down Now
09 Thank You World
10 Take It Up
11 Ship Of Fools

MP3@224 kbps

World Party:
Karl Wallinger - vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion 
David Catlin Birch - guitar, vocals 
Jeff Trott - guitar, vocals 
Chris Sharrock- drums, vocals 
John Turnbull - bass, vocals
BBC Radio 1 broadcast, London, England 1994-XX-XX
01 Is It Like Today?
02 Put the Message In the Box
03 Sooner or Later
04 Is It Too Late?
05 Radio Days
06 Sweet Soul Dream
07 Love Street
08 Private Revolution
09 Take It Up
10 Way Down Now
11 And God Said...
12 Give It All Away (part 1)
13 Give It All Away (part 2)
MP3@256 kbps
World Party founder and frontman Karl Wallinger is making music again after a life- threatening illness. In recent years, he’s played live in North America and elsewhere. He’s reportedly been working on a new album, which we might get to hear later this year or in 2014. World Party’s most recent release is Arkeology, a 5-disc archival treasure trove (read Bill Kopp's review of Arkeology at his Musoscribe blog HERE). 
Learn more about the music of Karl Wallinger and World Party at the official site and/or AllMusic   


  1. Turns out I got both of these from you previously, but just thought I'd let you know that both FileFactory links are dead, and the dropbox file under the SF show info is labeled London.


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