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The Loud Family - Live Tour Compilation 2000

Live Compilation
“Attractive Nuisance” Tour, 2000
(various dates & venues)

audio rip from video recordings (sound quality range: VG+ to VG++; these are very listenable audience recordings, mono sounding; most are from club shows, so there are occasional moments of intrusive crowd noise)
The Loud Family plays The Knitting Factory, NYC, April 2000
BIG THANKS to DP for the original video recordings, and to 125 Records for releasing these on the most excellent Loud Family Live 2000 DVD (It's still available — and a steal at $15. Order that and/or the Loud Family's live CD compilation From Ritual to Romance HERE)

Repercussion: I didn’t realize the late Scott Miller was such a fan of The dB’s — until I started learning more about him just after his untimely death in April at age 53. In his introduction to the Loud Family’s cover of “Tearjerkin’” (included herein), Scott says the deeBs were one of his favorite bands "of all time". Then, while leafing through his fascinating and quite well-written Music: What Happened?, I found multiple references to his love not only of The dB’s, but also Chris, Peter, Mitch and Let’s Active.

Poor Kenny got the dreaded head-crop chop!
01 720 Times Happier...  
02 Deee-Pression
03 Idiot Son
04 Years of Wrong Impressions
05 Motion of Ariel
06 Sister Sleep
07 Slit My Wrists
08 Asleep and Awake On 
     the Man's Freeway
09 The Waist and the Knees
10 Cortex the Killer
11 The Apprentice*
12 No One's Watching My Limo Ride
13 Blackness, Blackness
14 Nice When I Want Something
15 Story In Your Eyes
     (Moody Blues cover)
16 Kenny's amazing bass riffs 
17 Where They Walk Over 
     Sainte Therese
18 Tearjerkin' (The dB's cover) 
19 Twenty-Four
20 Like a Girl Jesus
21 Rosy Overdrive
              *Alison sings lead vocals on “The Apprentice”

TT: 78:38 mins.

Scott Miller greatly enjoyed this Loud Family lineup
1, 3, 4, 6, 9 = Minneapolis, MN 2000-04-11 
2, 7 = Atlanta, GA 2000-04-20
5 = Go Rehearsal Studios, Chapel Hill, NC 2000-04-19
8, 14, 15, 17 = The Knitting Factory, NYC 2000-04-17
10, 11, 19 = Austin, TX 2000-04-26
12 = Chicago, IL 2000-04-13 
13 = WFMU-FM, Jersey City, NJ 2000-04-16
18, 20 = Cleveland, OH 2000-04-14  
21 = San Antonia, TX 2000-04-25

The Loud Family:
Scott Miller – guitar, lead vocals
Alison Faith Levy – keyboards, vocals
Kenny Kessel – bass, vocals
Gil Ray – drums

Learn more about the music of Game Theory and The Loud Family at AllMusic and at the Scott Miller-Loud Family official site


  1. Just starting to get into Scott's music, and I'm loving these posts. Any chance of a re-up for this one? I'm bummed that the 'Big Plans for Everybody' links don't work anymore - some of that stuff sounds amazing.

    1. Come back in 4 or 5 days, and you'll find new links.

    2. Thanks very much!