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Game Theory - Boston, MA 1985

Boston, MA
Oct. 7, 1985

R.I.P. Scott Miller (1960-2013)

audience recording (sound quality VG+; a good-quality recording, with vocals a tad distant; I added some compression and tweaked the eq to improve the sound.) The performance? It's a smokin' GT show. ENJOY!

BIG THANKS to the tapers, traders and kneesfudd for sharing.

Scott Miller had all he needed: guitar, pillow, and Game Theory.
Repercussion: Mitch Easter has a strong association with this band, producing and contributing to most of Game Theory’s albums. Chris Woodstra of AllMusic says Mitch functioned as “a fifth member” of the group in the studio, beginning with Real Nighttime (Game Theory’s first proper full-length album) in 1985.  

SAMPLE: "Rayon Drive (Boston 1985)"

01 Here It Is Tomorrow
02 I've Tried Subtlety
03 Shark Pretty
04 Curse of the Frontierland
05 Never Mind
06 Linus and Lucy
07 Twenty-Four
08 Waltz the Halls Always
09 Rayon Drive
10 Where You Going Northern
11 Make Any Vows
12 Real Nighttime
13 Couldn't I Just Tell You (Todd Rundgren cover)
14 Friend of the Family (tape flip cut repaired at 4:35)
15 Like a Girl Jesus
16 Something to Show
17 Any Other Hand
18 Nine Lives to Rigel Five
19 The Red Baron
20 Sweet Jane (Lou Reed cover)

TT: 71:41 mins.

Game Theory:
Scott Miller - guitars, vocals
Suzi Ziegler - bass, backing vocals
Shelley LaFreniere - keyboards, backing vocals
Gil Ray - drums

NOTE: There’s a lot more Game Theory and Loud Family live shows & rarities to be found at the rather groovy Big Plans for Everybody.

Learn more about Game Theory’s music at The Loud Family’s official site and at AllMusic


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