Friday, May 10

Letch Actively - Charlotte, NC 1983

The Milestone
Charlotte, NC
Nov. 28, 1983

audience recording (sound quality VG+; it’s a club show, so you’ve got crowd noise, but it’s a problem only a few times)

BIG OL’ SLOPPY THANKS to the taper and to dB’s Fan for sharing.

HIGHLIGHTS: A strong and energetic show, with an interesting setlist. Includes older songs from before the IRS Records deal, songs that appeared on the Afoot EP, and songs from Cypress, the first full-length album (which would be released many months after this appearance).  
The comments about the band being photographed with puppies
can be traced back to this photo and the group’s first video.
Ya gotta admit, though — they’re all pretty darn cute
SAMPLE: "Leader of Men (Milestone 1983)"

01 Easy Does
The Milestone, on Charlotte's west end,
was basically a hole in the wall.
Yet, there are those who loved it...
02 Make Up With Me
03 We Do the 'What If'
04 Flags for Everything
05 Ring True
06 Long Way to Fall*
07 Leader of Men
08 Room With a View
09 I'm Sorry
10 Ornamental
11 In Between
12 Edge of the World
13 Every Word Means No (end cut)
14 Blue Line
15 Classical Gas (Mason Williams cover)
16 Law of Averages
17 Lies (The Knickerbockers cover)
     *song title of #6 is a guess, based on lyrics TT: 54:54 mins.

Letch Actively:
Mick Ersatz – guitar, vocals
Faye Hunter – bass, vocals
Sara Romweber - drums


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    1. Hi julie - glad you like, & thanks for the comment.

  2. I think I remember this show (once again, I had to work though). If so, this was one show in particular that I hated missing because in addition to "Letch Actively" , the "Right Profile" were the opening band.
    The Right Profile, btw released a 7'' ep produced by Mitch Easter. If interested, I'll send you a digital copy.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. As always, good to get your comment about this show, Warren. I know and love Right Profile (having seen them at a show once in their heyday). Will be posting something about them later this year.