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The Plimsouls - Malibu, CA 1984

Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA
Nov. 21, 1984

soundboard recording (quality VG++; minor imperfections attributable to the age of the source tape)
The Plimsouls' original lineup (back cover, Zero Hour EP)

REPERCUSSION: I know of no direct connection between The dB’s and The Plimsouls. But if you’re looking for an approximate West Coast equivalent to The dB’s, you don’t have to look much further than The Plimsouls — whose music and talent deserve the kind of superlatives I’ve lavished upon The deeBs.

BIG-TIME THANKS to "plimsouls" and TheCommish for sharing this one!
The Plimsouls’ 1984 tour was a reunion after band leader Peter Case left in 1983 to pursue a solo career. Case has said the 1984 tour was prompted mainly by the need to pay back taxes. As you’ll hear, though, The Plimsouls nonetheless played with their usual energy and gusto.

SAMPLE: "Hush Hush (Pepperdine 1984)"

01 Shaky City
02 Nickels and Dimes
03 I'll Get Lucky
04 I Shook His Hand
05 Great Big World
06 Glory
07 Now
08 Hush Hush
09 Lost Time
10 Oldest Story In the World
11 Magic Touch
12 Lie, Beg, Borrow and Steal
13 The Mood I'm In Tonight
14 Women
15 Zero Hour
16 Just Like That
17 A Million Miles Away
18 My Lonely Sad Eyes
19 You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover
20 Jumping From Love to Love 

TT: 79:20 
The Plimsouls (Robert Matheu photo)

Peter Case - vocals, guitar, harp
Eddie Munoz - guitar
Mike Bannister - drums (filling in for Lou Ramirez)
Dave Pahoa - bass, vocals
Gurf Morlix - pedal steel 

Learn more about The Plimsouls' music at AllMusic, WIkipedia, or Facebook 


  1. Love me some Plimsouls! Looking forward to this one - thanks!

    1. You're welcome, Tim. I'll take that as a vote for The Plimsouls to stay on my list!

  2. Rob, - Here's your connection - they're appearing on a site devoted to the dB's by possibly the dB's biggest fan!. Close enough for me when it's The Plimsouls! Very cool post!

    1. Never thought of it that way, Oxy...

      Thanks for the thanks!

  3. Thanks for posting this. It seems kind of uninspired compared to their 80-83 shows. I guess the description of what happened explains it all. If you have any other plimsouls gigs post away. They seem hard to come by.

    1. Hello Max - Yes, it's not the greatest show, but still entertaining, to my ears.

      I will take your request into account with upcoming posts, as I do have some more Plimsouls rarities worth sharing. Check back here in a month or so...


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