Thursday, January 24

I NEED YOUR VOTE, dear readers!

I'm going to be broadening the focus of the blog this year, so:

Which of the following artists/groups would you most like to see here at The dB's Repercussion blog?? Any you want to suggest that aren't here?  

(By the way, I'm really not interested in posting stuff by widely-known artists like R.E.M. 

even if they otherwise would fit.)

SPEAK UP now's the time to chime in!

Ryan Adams
Richard Barone
Big Star
The Blue Nile (& Paul Buchanan)
The Bongos
Alex Chilton
Lloyd Cole
Marshall Crenshaw
Crowded House (& Neil Finn)
The Feelies
Game Theory
Guadalcanal Diary (& Murray Attaway)
Robyn Hitchcock (&/or The Soft Boys, Egyptians)
The Hollies
Freedy Johnston
The Long Ryders
Bob Mould
The Move
Graham Parker
Sam Phillips
The Plimsouls (just posted one of their shows)
Teenage Fanclub
Velvet Crush
The Windbreakers
World Party
Yo La Tengo


  1. This is so tough! Recently I have been diving into NRBQ a bit just because they are a group that I have always appreciated but never delved into as much. There is just so much to hear from them - your blog would be a great resource.

  2. Lot of great names on there! In no particular order, I would love to hear more from Richard Barone, Bongos, Marshall Crenshaw, Robyn Hitchcock, Freedy Johnston, Long Ryders, Graham Parker, & World Party. Thanks!!

    1. THANKS Debaser & Phil -- your preferences are noted & appreciated.

      NOW -- how 'bout the rest of you out there?!?

  3. Hi,

    I'm going to be pretty worthless in culling your list because it either contains the artists I most love OR ones that I have always been intrigued by and since they are on your list I would like to sample more. But here goes:

    1. Not on your list:
    - Mayflies USA -- any rarities out there? I know at one time you could get a live on the radio show.
    - Treat Her Right: a personal connection here. If ANYONE has the video of that From Providence to Sin City theater presentation, I would love to see it!
    - Primitons: anything else out there?
    - Vulgar Boatmen -- great, great band
    - Modern Lovers -- original band

    2. Personal faves on your list:
    - Big Star
    - Lloyd Cole
    - Marshall Crenshaw
    - The Feelies
    - Game Theory
    - Guadalcanal Diary (& Murray Attaway)
    - Graham Parker (altho I already have a ton of live stuff)
    - Sam Phillips (any good stuff in her "Christian" releases?)
    - Rockpile (and Lowe and Brinsleys and earlier Dave E.)
    - The Windbreakers (YES, YES, YES, including Tim and Bobby solo)

    3. Others I have not got that far into but would be most interested in hearing more:
    - Richard Barone/Bongos
    - NRBQ
    - The Move

    How's that?


    1. Thanks Ace -- REALLY helpful info & thoughts!

  4. Hey Rob,

    Here's my take, for what it's worth. First, I'd like to see a little more solo or later period stuff, especially any Continental Drifters (a very underrated band!). And yes, I snagged the great post you put up earlier.

    After that, in order -
    - Big Star
    - Game Theory & Loud Family (not the stuff on Dime)
    - Guadalcanal Diary
    * and a huge vote for a superb band that didn't make your list-
    - Dumptruck.

    By the way, I may be able to help on with some of the names on your list. You're posting live music and/or demos only - correct?

    Many thanks for a job already well done,


    1. Thanks, Oxy -- please let me know of any live shows or demos, etc. that you've got by the artists on the list (no official or commercial releases).

      Glad to hear of your interest in more C. Drifters!

  5. the feelies please.

  6. I've got a very specific request, to see if you have a line on the Big Star "What's Going Ahn?" or "I Got Kinda Lost 'Deluxe'" bootlegs. I can't seem to find any active links or torrents for those.

    Love the site!

    1. Hey Scott -- thanks for the feedback. Your request would be a challenge since there are tracks from one or both of those boots that now appear on the "Keep An Eye On the Sky" box (and I don't post any officially-released material here). That said, I think you'll be pleased with some of the upcoming Big Star & Alex posts I'm planning. Stay tuned...

  7. For whatever reason (West Coast location for both I guess) reading about The Plimsouls made me think of another great band that I would love to hear any rarities by: Flying Color.


    1. ? Never heard of 'em.

      But will have to check them out based on your recommendation! Thanks, Ace.

    2. I ordered & had a listen to Flying Color's 1 available CD. Great stuff! Thanks for the tip...