Friday, January 25

Star, Big - Cambridge, MA 1974 + bonus

Performance Center 
Cambridge, MA 
March 31, 1974

early show (opening for Badfinger)

audience recording, in mono (sound quality VG++; recorded and transferred by Steve Hopkins)

ROB SEZ: When this recording surfaced last year, B.S./LX fans swooned at the thought of a previously-unheard live show from 1974 … and deservedly so, because this is a solid performance and impressive sound quality for a mono audience recording 30+ years old (the performance is even more impressive when you hear what happened to the band's instruments and equipment just before they went on). 

THE CONNECTIONS BETWEEN The dB's, LX Chilton and B.S. are explored HERE

Andy, Jody, LX: Back of a Car, indeed!
01. In The Street 
02. Baby Strange (T. Rex cover) 
03. Mod Lang
04. Candy Says (Velvet Underground cover) 
05. Till the End of the Day (Kinks cover)
06. O My Soul 
07. Motel Blues (L. Wainwright III cover)
08. Thirteen 
09. Way Out West
10. September Gurls
11. Come On Now (Kinks cover)

artwork included in download
B.S. and LX Chilton rarities (1974-1980)
NONE of these has been commercially or officially released

ROB SEZ: There just aren’t many rarities out there that weren’t included in the amazing Keep An Eye On the Sky 4-CD B.S. box set. If you’re a fan, go find the money (or just add it to your credit card debt) and plump for this puppy. I’ve included the only two listenable tracks from the otherwise utterly shambolic WLYX Memphis 1975 radio session (just found out that Jody Stephens was so disgusted with the session that he quit Big Star afterwards). The rest are quite enjoyable studio outtakes.  

01 Another Time, Another Place, and You (studio instrum.)        
         Star, Big, circa 1974
02 Femme Fatale (live)        
         Star, Big, WLYX, Memphis, TN 1975
03 Jesus Christ (live)        
         Star, Big, WLYX, Memphis, TN 1975
04 Surfer Girl (studio)        
LX Chilton, Sun Studios, 1980 outtake, "Like Flies on Sherbert" sessions
05 Lovely Day (studio; this version does not appear on the KaEOtS box)        
         LX Chilton, Sun Studios, 1975 studio session

BY REQUEST: complete WLYX 1975 radio performance (such as it is!!):


  1. Thanks for the Big Star. At one point I caught a mention of a live recording from the Chris Bell era, but I was never able to track it down or determine if it actually existed.


    1. My pleasure, Ace.

      Chris Bell live?!? Sounds about as rare as those proverbial hens' teeth...

  2. Re: Chris Bell. I did recently read an interview with Van Duren where he said there were no recordings of the "Baker Street Regulars" the band he and Bell were in at some point post-Big Star.

    As noted, not sure if there actually are any Big Star with Chris Bell live recordings.

  3. Rob, Don't need this, but I had to say that the WXLY WHOLE show is one of my favorite Big Star boots. It's funny, tragic, but most of all, it's a great example of Chilton's attitude toward the music biz and his inevitable fall. Yep, brought to you by the same guys who make you change band names and claim copyright infringement on boots. I can just imagine how much cash is getting back to the songwriter and/or singer. I will be snagging Long Ryders. I thank you kindly for that.

    1. "One man's trash is another man's treasure," as someone once said.

      I just find it hard to juxtapose a performance like that with some of the rest of the live shows I've been listening to lately. When LX was on, there's no one else I'd rather listen to. But when he was not ..., well ... I'll leave those performances to you, Oxy!

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for these files, really enjoyed what you uploaded here. I would really like to hear the whole wlyx show. Despite it not really being one of your personal favorites, is there any chance you could upload the whole show? I've been looking for a few hours, and all other links for it online appear to be dead. Thanks.

    1. Rone - please get in touch via the address at the very bottom of every blog page and I'll try to hook you up.

  5. Thanks for this, looking forward to hearing them.

  6. Hi thanks for these! Any chance of a reup on the WLYX session? It seems to be hard to find these days.

    1. Rupe - check back in a day or two, and I will have a new link for you.



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