Friday, November 3

Peter Holsapple - Solo Shows 2017 + 1985

529 in E. Atlanta Village 
Atlanta, GA
August 4, 2017

audience recording (sound quality: VG+)

01 intro, tuning
02 That Time Is Gone
03 Big Brown Eyes
04 It's Game Day
05 Don't Mention the War
06 Angels
07 She Won't Drive In the Rain Anymore 
08 Today Could Be the Day

Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals

SAMPLE: "Angels" (live 2017)

The Metro
Chicago, IL
Sept. 27, 1985
audience recording (sound quality: VG+) 

01 Sexual Healing
02 An End to the Blues
03 Storm Warning
04 Darby Hall
05 We Were Happy There
06 She Was the One
07 Pushing It Back
08 Diamond
09 Sharon
10 Lonely Is as Lonely Does
11 You Don't Miss Your Water 
12 Close to the Hand
13 Elvis, What Happened?
Peter Holsapple - guitar, vocals
Ilene Markell - bass

ROB SEZ: It's been quite a while since I've had something to post from Peter, so it's a delight to share one recent solo show and another from nearly 32 years (!) ago. On a personal note, I'm thrilled that Peter played one of my all-time favorite songs in his 2017 set: "She Won't Drive In the Rain Anymore" from the dB's Falling Off the Sky album. The dB's chose not to play it in concert, so it's great to hear Peter perform it for a live audience. Special thanks to Solar Wind for taping & sharing the 2017 set, and to whomever did the same for the 1985 show. I'm guessing the latter came to me via dB's Fan, though I cannot recall for sure. 
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Although there aren't any recent posts, Peter's blog is here.


  1. On the Chicago set, the headliner, mentioned by Peter a couple times, is Will Rigby's Wipe Me Mommy

    1. see the Will Rigby interview elsewhere on site where he talks about touring together in '85...

    2. Oh man, I missed this! I bet you're right, Z...


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