Tuesday, August 18

Raspberries - 1973 + 2005

Palace Theatre
New York, NY
Nov. 7, 1973

Taped for a "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" TV broadcast, but only 5 of the 9 songs were aired. Here's the whole thing for your listening pleasure. 

Credibility out the window: if this blog had any remaining cred, it'll be 
shot after this. Oh well. I say the Raspberries were an undeniably fun listen. 

1 Tonight 
NO WORDS can do justice to this photo.
2 Making It Easy 
3 Roll Over Beethoven 
4 Last Dance 
5 I Wanna Be With You 
6 I Can Remember 
7 Be My Baby 
8 Drivin' Around 
9 Go All the Way

Taste of Summer
Waukesha, WI
June 26, 2005

audience recording
BIG THANKS to jot for taping and to Wolfsbane for sharing
The Raspberries reunited for shows in 2005 & after
1 intro
2 I Wanna Be With You
3 Last Dance
4 Let's Pretend
5 It's Cold Outside
6 Party's Over
7 Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
8 I'm a Rocker
9 Should I Wait?
10 Tonight
11 Makin' It Easy
12 Play On
13 Ecstasy
14 band intros
15 I Don't Know What I Want
16 Go All the Way

This set did not come from ASH, but it coulda ... so I'm still calling this
ASH Tuesday post #8.
Jim Bonfanti - drums
Wally Bryson - vocals, lead guitar (+
keyboard for '73 performance)
Eric Carmen - vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboard
Dave Smalley - vocals, bass


  1. Thanks! No damage to your Cred. These guys made some great music and also a little schlock too. Overnight Sensation is a classic as well as the overlooked I'm A Rocker. Great early haircuts- I think Eric Carmen wins the tallest hair award!

    1. Thanks, Anonymous. At least I'll have one remaining reader after this!


  2. Losing credibility? I've never really heard anyone speak badly of this band. I've been a fan for years. They're up there with Badfinger and Big Star as the innovators of "power pop" I always thought. I saw them once in 2007 and they were still good. Something I really can't say for most reunited acts so many years after the fact.

    1. Ya know, Mr. Anonymous, you make a good point here. If folks are speaking very broadly, they do occasionally lump together Big Star, Badfinger and Raspberries in one general category of "power pop". However, if you are concerned about hipster credibility (as some of us are, I confess...), there is a delineation one can make between indie/alternative shades of power pop (a la Big Star), MOR-ish power pop (a la Badfinger), and mass-appeal pop candy like Raspberries. Do I personally like 'em all? Yup, I do.

  3. LOVE The Raspberries! Thanks!