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The Zantees - Songshop session, NYC 1980

Songshop recording studio
New York, NY
May 18, 1980

soundboard (studio recording, sound quality Ex-; transfer from first-generation tape)

preliminary recording session for debut album, Out for Kicks (two of these are the basic tracks that became album cuts after additional recording and mixing; the others apparently are unreleased — although the group released a groovy promo video for “Brand New Cadillac” using a different backing track.)  

Repercussion: Peter Holsapple produced The Zantees’ first single, “Rockin’ In the House” (b/w “Mornin’ Light”), recorded Feb. 1980. Peter also played piano on the subsequent debut album (he was credited as “special guest”). The dB’s live debut as a four-piece with Peter was on a quadruple bill at Irving Plaza, NYC in Oct. 27, 1978 with The Zantees, The Fleshtones and The Cyclones (must've been 'Definite Article Night' at the club…).

SAMPLE: "Gotta Dance" (Songshop 1980)

01 My Baby
02 Let It Rock (Chuck Berry cover)
03 Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor cover)
04* Please Give Me Something (Bill Allen tune)
05 Gotta Dance
06* Cruisin' (Gene Vincent cover)
07 instrumental  
         *tracks 4 & 6 are basic tracks that appeared in finished form on the album Out for Kicks   
The Zantees play Max's Kansas City in NYC. Photo by em1977 via Flickr.

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