Friday, May 25

Peter Holsapple - Solo 1998

Peter Holsapple solo
Ziggy's, Winston-Salem, NC
Aug. 8, 1998

This is one of those audience recordings that deserves the title 'cuz the audience is louder than the performer... (sound quality VG-)

BIG THANKS to glenn s for the share!

01 Next to the Last Waltz
02 Invisible Boyfriend
03 Lonely Is as Lonely Does        
04 Obsession (Peter Blegvad cover)
05 Daddy Just Wants It to Rain (P. Holsapple song, rec. by Cont. Drifters)

Don Dixon was the headliner for this show & Peter was the opener. 

Alt. Link

BONUS: fantom has kindly provided a soundboard version of track 3; Enjoy! 



  1. What a treat! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. The pleasure is mine; thanks for the thanks, tim.

  2. what great to hear this in my sunny backyard!!!!!! thanksssss Robin!!!! greetings from the Netherlands