Friday, January 27

Marshall Crenshaw - Ritz, NYC 1984 (sbd)

The Ritz
New York, N.Y.
Dec. 19, 1984
soundboard recording (quality: VG++; probably deserves a higher rating, but I can't ignore the faint sound of a short in one channel — don't listen with headphones!)

Marshall Crenshaw: 1984 or '85
01 For Her Love
02 Our Town
03 Little Sister (Elvis Presley cover) [cuts out]
04 There She Goes Again (cuts in)
05 (We're Gonna) Shake Up Their Minds 
06 Soldier of Love (Arthur Alexander cover)
07 One More Reason
08 I'm Alive (The Hollies cover)
09 Reet Petite (Jackie Wilson cover)
10 Mary Anne
11 Monday Morning Rock
12 Whenever You're on My Mind
13 A Big Hunk o' Love (Elvis Presley cover)
14 Lesson Number One
15 She Can't Dance
16 Someday, Someway
17 Feliz Navidad (José Feliciano cover)
18 Brand New Lover
19 Someday We're Gonna Love Again 
     (The Searchers cover)

New archival live release! INFO
ROB SEZ:  A rare 1984 performance, in lovely soundboard splendor. (Although 2 generations removed from the master tape, this recording still sounds pretty amazing to me.) As far as I can tell, Crenshaw only performed 4 times in 1984 (heard here, MC's explanation for his lengthy absence is typically sardonic). As usual, MC, his brother Robert on drums, and Chris Donato are in very fine form, and fully a third of the songs here are covers, including a couple I have not heard elsewhere. Trainspotters will want to know this is not the complete performance, because the recording as I received it lacked a few of the songs listed here. This recording has a faint short in one channel that you probably won't hear unless you use heaphones or earbuds — so don't do that! 


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