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Marshall Crenshaw - Live 1983 in CT & PA (FM + preFM)

Agora Ballroom
Hartford, CT
July 18, 1983
FM recording (sound quality: VG++; great!

01 Monday Morning Rock
02 Brand New Lover
03 I’ll Do Anything
04 Here I Am (Come & Take Me)
05 Whenever You’re On My Mind 
06 I’ve Been Good to You
07 One Day With You
08 Mary Anne
09 Rockin’ Around In NYC
10 Try
11 Move It
12 Cynical Girl
13 Someday Someway
14 The Usual Thing

Ripley's Music Hall
Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 2, 1983
preFM recording (sound quality: Ex-; partial set broadcast on "King Biscuit Flower Hour")
01 Monday Morning Rock
02 Little Sister
03 Our Town 
04 Try 
05 Whenever You're On My Mind 
06 Cynical Girl
07 There She Goes Again
08 Someday Someway
09 Blues Is King
ROB SEZ:  1983 was a good year to be Marshall Crenshaw. His second LP Field Day was released to strong reviews (and some carping about Steve Lillywhite's production), and it rose to no. 52 in the album charts. The classic band lineup of MC on vocals & guitar plus his brother Robert on drums and Chris Donato on bass clearly had their act together, and the songs and choice covers were superlative. Here are the best recordings I have from 1983, in terms of performance and sound quality. Although there's some overlap between the two sets, the Philly recording features 4 songs not performed in Hartford, including the sterling "Our Town." Big-time thanks to the original tapers and sharers. (True MC fans won't want to miss the bonus set that's hidden almost in plain sight.)



  1. Collect ‘em all!

    Marshall Crenshaw - Ripley’s Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA 1983-07-11 (VG audience rec.)

    01 introduction
    02 Monday Morning Rock
    03 Brand New Lover
    04 I'll Do Anything
    05 Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
    06 Whenever You're On My Mind
    07 I've Been Good to You
    08 One Day With You
    09 One More Reason
    10 Mary Anne
    11 Rockin' Around In N.Y.C.
    12 Try
    13 Our Town
    14 Cynical Girl
    15 A Big Hunk O' Love
    16 Someday, Someway
    17 She Can't Dance
    18 For Her Love
    19 Soldier of Love
    20 White Lightning

    BIG THANKS to kingrue for this one!

  2. Thanks again. I think I read somewhere that Marshall is touring with the Smithereens in place of the much missed Pat DiNizio (RIP). I'd go see them if they came to town for sure!

  3. I just checked and there are tour dates with MC singing with them in the next several months. But The Smithereens are also using Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms and Susan Cowsill of The Cowsills as guest vocalists. Interesting move on their part!


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