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Marshall Crenshaw - Early Demos

Early Demos (c. 1979-1981)
various recording dates & locations

home recordings (sound quality VG-; source was a not-great-sounding, multi-gen. tape;  lilpanda cleaned up the tracks & they’re enjoyable now)

01 Never Gonna Happen Again
02 We Belong Together
03 This Is the Love
04 She's Not Mine Anymore [1] 
05 Somebody Like You
06 Now I've Got You
07 She Can't Dance
08 Not for Me
09 Brand New Lover
10 Communication
11 I'll Do Anything
12 Rockin' Around In NYC (alt. demo)
13 Soldier of Love
14 For Her Love
15 Something's Gonna Happen
     (alt. demo)
16 Mary Anne
17 The Usual Thing
18 There She Goes Again
19 Cynical Girl
20 She's Not Mine Anymore [2]

NOTE: none of these appears on the official 9-Volt Years collection (but some are alt. versions of demos that did appear on the same)

BIG THANKS to lilpanda, atlasstar, and angelo. 

'Downtown'-Era Demos
c. 1984
unknown source

home recordings (sound quality VG+; probably first-generation tape source

01 My Desiree
02 Terrifying Love
03 She Hates to Go Home
04 That Girl Belongs to Yesterday 
      (unfinished lyrics)
05 Shake It Till We Break It 
     (unfinished lyrics)
06 Baby Doll (unfinished lyrics)
07 Instrumental 1
08 Instrumental 2
09 Instrumental 3
10 Feliz Navidad
11 All I Ever Wanted (K.MacColl demo)*
12 Santa Baby (unknown female vocalist)

     *Imagine my surprise — as a fan of both M.C. and Kirsty MacColl — to discover
      that track 11 is M.C. playing to a K.M. vocal demo...

Learn more about the music of Marshall Crenshaw at his official site and/or AllMusic


  1. Thanks! I've been waiting for more Marshall. Have most of the early demos, but did not have these Downtown demos, so definitely worth the wait. Thanks again!

    1. Happy to oblige, Anonymous. If yo don't have the lilpanda-doctored version of the early demos, you may want to give this set a listen. He worked some wonders, sound-wise...

    2. Any "Beatlemania" 1979/80 demos??

    3. Wasn't a demo of ' I Should Have Known Better" sent as an audition tape?? There was "Helter Skelter" with Glenn Burtnick 1979 ..

    4. I don't have the Beatlemania demos, but I can tell you that I saw Marshall outside the backstage door of the original run of Beatlemania. I just happened to be walking by and said to myself, "That guy looks pretty cool; I bet he's in the show." I only found out later that it was Marshall, once I started to get into his music.


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