Friday, March 13

Sarah Harmer - Live, Now & Then

McMichael Canadian Art Gallery 
Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
February 2020 (exact date unknown)
CBC Radio broadcast
FM recording (sound quality: Ex-)  

01 -radio host intro-
02 St. Peter's Bay
03 -radio host talk, talk-
04 New Low
05 -radio host talk, talk- 
06 Just Get Here
07 -talk, band intro, talk-
08 Take Me Out
09 Squeaking Voices
10 -talk, radio host talk, talk-
11 What I Was to You
12 The Lookout
13 -radio host talk, talk-
14 Cowbirds
15 -talk-
Sarah Harmer's new album: Are You Gone
16 Little Frogs
17 -talk-
18 See Her Wave 
19 -talk-
20 Lodestar
21 -radio host outro-

ROB SEZ: If you like smart, talented singer-songwriters, you can't do better than Canadian Sarah Harmer. She's been making great music for 25 years and deserves a wider hearing. After a multi-year break, Sarah returned to the public eye this year with a new studio album, Are You Gone. This Feb. 2020 broadcast will be gobbled up by fans, and would be a great intro for the curious & open-minded. (You can watch the full performance, minus radio announcer blah-blah, HERE.) To sweeten the deal, I've added a vintage FM recording from 1995: Sarah fronting the band Weeping Tile. Both recordings are courtesy of stevemtl, who's quite the SH fan. All thanks & praise go to him — I'm just passing them along for your listening pleasure.
Weeping Tile with Sarah Harmer
Opera House
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Sept. 22, 1995
CBC Radio broadcast
FM recording (sound quality: VG++)
01 -radio host intro, talk-
02 Joint Account
03 Poked
04 Cold Snap
05 -talk-
06 UFO Rosie
07 Good Fortune
08 -talk-
09 Westray
10 -talk-
11 (unknown) 
12 The Room with the Sir John A. View 
13 -talk-
14 Handkerchiefs and Napkins
15 Pushover
16 -talk-
17 The Grin
18 -talk-
19 Sinners
20 -radio host outro-


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