Friday, March 27

S m i t h s - Troy Tate + Pablo Cuckoo best versions

Troy Tate Sessions
summer 1983
East London, UK
'Soundsville Paul' source
Analog Loyalist remaster

soundboard recordings (sound quality Ex-) 

01 What Difference Does It Make? #1
02 Accept Yourself #1
03 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
04 You've Got Everything Now
05 These Things Take Time

06 What Difference Does It Make? #2
07 Hand In Glove
08 Handsome Devil
09 Accept Yourself #2
10 Wonderful Woman
11 I Don't Owe You Anything
12 Jeane
13 Suffer Little Children
14 Miserable Lie

15 Reel Around the Fountain

ROB SEZ: I "blame" this post on the new-old single from this group that I bought on Record Store Day in 2017. Something about the music of the band always brings me back, in spite of my ambivalence. After reading Johnny Marr's bio, I realized the appeal for me is 90% JM's personality/talent/guitar playing, 5% the loony, over-the-top singer, and 5% inexplicable mystery. These two ROIO sets are nothing new to collectors. But in case someone out there hasn't heard them (especially in these superior versions), the post will not be in vain. Check out Drew's amazing mastering job on the Troy Tate recordings — the beautiful bass tones will blow you away.

MEGA THANKS to Steve, Drew, CrazyCol and everyone else 
who brought this music to the masses.

SAMPLE: "Accept Yourself #2" (Troy Tate Sessions 1983)

Pablo Cuckoo Tape
The duo that conquered indie music in the 1980s
May 1983
Manchester, UK

ambient mic recording
     (sound quality VG-)

01 You've Got 
     Everything Now 
02 Accept Yourself 
03 What Difference 
     Does It Make?  
04 Reel Around the Fountain 
05 These Things Take Time 
06 I Don't Owe You Anything 
07 Hand In Glove 
08 Handsome Devil 
09 Miserable Lie
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Learn more about this band's music at Wikipedia and the fabulous fan site Passions Just Like Mine


  1. But of COURSE there’s a bonus share for you…

    The Smiths
    Live sampler from smithstorrents

    (all are FM, audio rips from video/TV, or soundboard recordings)

    In 2014, savbomb made this compilation of Smiths rarities in their best live versions.

    1. What Do You See In Him?
    2. What Difference Does It Make?
    3. Accept Yourself
    4. Handsome Devil
    5. This Night Has Opened My Eyes
    6. Girl Afraid
    7. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
    8. Barbarism Begins at Home
    9. How Soon Is Now?
    10. That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
    11. Rusholme Ruffians
    12. I Want the One I Can’t Have
    13. Jeane
    14. Shakespeare’s Sister
    15. Bigmouth Strikes Again
    16. Panic
    17. I Know It’s Over
    18. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
    19. Girlfriend In a Coma
    20. Sheila Take a Bow

    SUPER THANKS to savbomb for all the work on this compilation, and to all at smithstorrents for their amazing shared over the years

  2. I will be interested in hearing this superior audio version. The one I had (from back in my first days of grabbing stuff from non-torrent sites) was fairly muddy, but more than good enough for one who came of age with questionable vinyl bootlegs.


    1. Cheers, Bruce. This version of Pablo Cuckoo is listenable, but to my ears, the Troy Tate Sessions in this improved version could be commercially released. Drew's remastering is a revelation.

  3. This is mad Dope yo! Thank you for this


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