Friday, March 27

Dropbox links change to instant downloads

Good news for those who do and do not normally use Dropbox:

I just learned how to code Dropbox links for a "forced download" whenever someone clicks a link.

This means a direct download when you click it, instead of hassling with an interim step of trying to figure out where the download button is on the Dropbox page. 

I'll be working backwards from the most recent links to the oldest to modify them to instant DL links, but it should be completed by May 1st.

After May 1, 2020, please leave a comment if you find a link that's either deleted, broken or doesn't give you an instant download.

As always, please enjoy.


  1. Not sure I understand but thanks anyway, it's probably a good thing ! :D

  2. This is awesome. Thanks. Life just got easier.


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