Friday, July 12

Superchunk - Australia & Sweden 1994 + 1996 (FM)

Live at The Wireless 
JJJ Studios
Sydney, Australia
Oct. 3, 1994
FM recording (sound quality: Ex-; master tape source)
01 Driveway to Driveway*
02 Skip Steps 1 & 3
03 Hyper Enough**
04 Untied
     *some dropouts, first 10 seconds only
    **one of the first known live performances
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Feb. 15, 1996
FM recording (sound quality: VG; not a great audio mix, but a great performance via the master tape source)
01 Eastern Terminal
02 Iron On
03 Water Wings
04 Precision Auto
05 Driveway to Driveway
06 Hyper Enough
07 Throwing Things
08 Silverleaf and Snowy Tears
09 Seed Toss
10 Question Is How Fast (cuts out; tape flip) 
11 Question Is How Fast (cont'd)
12 Animated Airplanes Over Germany 
13 Interview, Pt. 1
14 Interview, Pt. 2
ROB SEZ: Making up for lost time with two Superchunk posts in 8 days. This one dials it back to the band's earlier years, when they were a younger, hungrier & very loud indie band. I prefer their later & more recent recordings (a bit more nuance & a bit less noise) — but every listener seems to have a different opinion. Special thanks to Trekkyt & Popmarter for recording, mastering & sharing the 1996 performance. Not sure who recorded & shared the 1994 live set, but I hereby thank him/her/them also. If you have more than a passing interest in this band, try both parts of the 1996 interview — a brief, fun listen.
Fascinating Reading link:  Laura Ballance rates all of Superchunk's albums.
(1996 set = 24-96 hi-res recording)
Learn more about Superchunk's music 
at the band's official site and/or AllMusic  


  1. Many thanks for The Chunk. - Stinky

  2. Cool I have been wanting to hear that JJJ set again, Yes love the early more raw Superchunk Foolish and earlier Strings is still okay though.


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