Friday, June 14

Ricky Ross - Live in 2000 (sbd) + bonus

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
March 2, 2000
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London
March 3, 2000

soundboard recordings (quality: VG++)
SAMPLE: "London Comes Alive" (Live 2000)

01 Threatening Rain*
02 The Undeveloped Heart
03 Away*
04 Icarus
05 London Comes Alive
06 Blue Horse*
07 Rosie Gordon Lies So Still* 
08 When Sinners Fall*
09 The Further North You Go
10 Ash Wednesday
11 James Joyce Soles*
12 Bethlehem's Gate
13 Cold Easter + What You Are*
14 This Is the Life*
15 A Love Like Yours
16 Good Evening Philadelphia

     *London 2000-03-03, rest are Liverpool 2000-03-02

ROB SEZ: Yes — THAT Ricky Ross: frontman for Deacon Blue, the Scottish band many have loved to hate over the group's many years. But I have to hand it to Ross, who has an undeniable knack for crafting catchy, heart-felt songs that have something to say beyond the usual pop blather. His solo work is less well known, so here's a selection from two shows he performed with a backing band in 2000. The recordings come courtesy of Steve at the impressive Circus Lights fan site, dedicated to documenting all of Ross' musical endeavors. Check the usual place for this week's mystery bonus share.
Ross' latest solo album: Short Stories Vol. 1


  1. Ricky Ross
    Edinburgh Assembly Rooms
    Jan. 16, 1999

    soundboard recording (quality: VG++)

    From the Celtic Connections Tour. Billed as Ricky Ross and friends. The friends are Jim Prime, Lorraine McIntosh, and Mick Slaven. They played for nearly two hours.
    Here are some excerpts:

    01 Born In A Storm / Raintown
    02 Bethlehem's Gate
    03 Undeveloped Heart
    04 What You Are
    05 The Wildness
    06 Wake Up and Dream
    07 Radio On / Wreck On the Highway
    08 Love and Regret

    Tracks & info courtesy of Circus Lights, with a HUGE THANKS to Steve for maintaining this amazing fan site over the years.


  2. thanks for these rob, look interesting.
    quite liked the deacons back in the day.
    much appreciation to all involved with getting these files here.

    1. Thanks a lot, C. Stand by for a DB share on Friday...


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