Friday, June 21

Deacon Blue - Tokyo, Japan 1993 (sbd)

Club Quatro
Tokyo, Japan
April 30, 1993  
soundboard recording (quality: Ex-) 

SAMPLE: "Your Swaying Arms" (live in Tokyo 1993)

01 Your Town
02 Hang Your Head
03 Cut Lip
04 Your Swaying Arms
05 Real Gone Kid
06 Wages Day
07 The Day That Jackie
     Jumped the Jail
08 Cover from the Sky
09 Love and Regret
10 The Wildness 
     (with Angeliou) 
11 Born In a Storm
12 Ragman
13 Circus Lights
14 Only Tender Love
15 Fall So Freely Down
16 Raintown
17 Bethlehem's Gate
18 pre-encore break
19 Twist and Shout
20 All Over the World
21 Chocolate Girl (with My Girl)
22 Dignity
ROB SEZ: My hunch is Ricky Ross & Co. did some trawling through the archives a few years ago when they were putting together the deluxe reissues of their earlier albums, and found some gems. Here's one: a soundboard recording from the band's live tour after releasing Whatever You Say, Say Nothing — an under-appreciated album if I've ever heard one. By then, the band were being accused of artlessly apeing INXS & U2 — a shallow criticism that overlooked some fantastic songs & amazing live work. Enjoy.

(lossy source, so no FLAC this time)
Learn more about Deacon Blue's music at AllMusic 


  1. Great share Rob as always.
    Don't think they sounded like the 2 bands you mention.
    Just people trying to pigeon hole them (mainly journalists).
    Vastly under rated after there first 2 albums (written off by some),
    Whatever You Say album has some great songs & it still spins occasionally in my CD player.

    1. I'm re-discovering the early albums and enjoying the newer ones, some of which I'm hearing for the first time. I think the last one, The Believers, is one of their very best.

  2. Great thanks, there can never be enough deacon blue out there, thanks for the ricky post also.


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