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Alex Chilton - Two 1977 NYC shows

EARLY, classic Alex Chilton live shows

Fab photos of LX in NYC by Stephanie Chernikowski
Alex Chilton
Max's Kansas City
New York, N.Y.
March 1977
audience recording (sound quality: GD+; not bad for a tape source of this vintage)
Note: first set only; second was either lost or not recorded

ROB SEZ: This is among the first LX solo shows (and earliest-known recordings thereof).  
Dig the punked-up version of "The Letter" included in this set.

BIG OL' THANKS to the taper and to 38f for sharing.

1. All the Time
2. My Rival
3. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
4. Way Out West
5. September Gurls
6. Shakin' the World
7. Night Time
8. The Letter
9. Windows Hotel
10. Back of a Car
Alex Chilton
New York, N.Y.
Sept. 14, 1977

audience recording (sound quality: GNARLY)
"Gnarly" = more or less "Good," but that's it. "Listenable" (if you add air quotes), but sounding pretty much like a 40 year-old, multi-generation tape source with distortion and other issues much of the time. MY ADVICE: keep your expectations low, and you might actually enjoy the performance...
MUCHAS GRACIAS to The Big A for taping and to Lone Taper for sharing

11. Take Me Home and Make Me Like It 
12. O My Soul
13. Bangkok
14. Contact High (1st public perf.)
15. My Rival 
16. Night Time
17. Back of a Car
18. All the Time
19. A Little Fishy
20. September Gurls
21. Holocaust 
22. The Summer Sun (Chris Stamey cover)
23. The Letter
24. Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
25. Do You Wanna Dance?

Alex and "The Cosssacks," including Chris Stamey
TT: 1:16:24

Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey - bass
Lloyd Fonoroff - drums
Fran Kowalski - keys (Sept. show)

    2 other early LX shows are HERE.
Info about the LX-dB's connection is HERE.

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