Friday, March 29

R. E. M. - NYC 1982 - rare show!

Peppermint Lounge
New York, NY
November 25, 1982
audience recording (sound quality VG to VG+; all-around excellent transfer from a probable first-generation tape source in 2-channel mono; almost no distracting audience chatter, but there are three brief cuts here & there for tape flip, etc.)

EFFUSIVE THANKS to George, Rich, and kingrue. This is Stonecutter Collection, Vol. 55. (See George's comment below; thanks also to EdA for encouraging me to post it.)

REPERCUSSION: Peter Holsapple (solo, acoustic) was an opening act on this leg of R.E.M.'s 1982 tour. He guests here on two encores. Explore the other connections between The dB's, Mitch Easter and R.E.M. here. (And — I swear — I think I hear another member of The dB's in the audience, yelling "How 'bout them Dogs?!?" at one point during the show...)

Couldn't post this one without making some cover art
01 stage entrance, tuning
02 Gardening at Night
03 9-9
04 Moral Kiosk
05 Pilgrimage
06 Shaking Through
07 Seven Chinese Bros 
08 Wolves, Lower
09 Romance
10 Sitting Still
11 Catapult
12 1,000,000
13 West of the Fields
14 Radio Free Europe 
15 White Tornado 
In the early 1980s, there was no finer band.
16 Last Date
     (Floyd Cramer cover)
17 We Walk
18 Judy*
19 Neverland*
20 Carnival of Sorts
     (Box Cars) 

TT = 66:22 mins.

*Peter Holsapple, guest vocals
   on #18 & 19



  1. Not sure how I missed seeing this show back in the day.
    Glad I got to catch it in the present day.

    1. It was Thanksgiving week-- probably why I missed it

  2. man, i used to LOVE taking the Amtrak up to NYC from Philadelphia in the years before this show, to the Pep Lounge, then loiter around Penn Station in the wee hours till the next train........before i moved out west you could catch the dB's, Bongos, Feelies, just about all of my faves.....thanks much!!!

    1. Oh, I think that's called BRAGGING, Ed & Jim!


      Lived in N.C. at the time, and still missed out on seeing R.E.M. until about 1985.

  3. I don't think I have this one. Thanks. Love the early REM

  4. I recorded this. Beside the tape flip, the other two cuts were 1) Bertis Downs asking me to turn off the tape recorder (it was a big brick of a sony and with so few people there, I stood out like a sore thumb holding it), and 2) I hit record for a sec on the drive home by mistake. Glad people are still digging this. One of my favorite club recordings.

    1. Hey George - thanks for the comment and the story about recording this show. I'm really glad you didn't listen to Bertis!

  5. What a classic show. Listened the first time it was posted and will have to again on this re-post.

    1. What an excellent idea. I didn't re-listen as I usually do when I re-post. Will have to fix that... 8-)

  6. This looks fabulous! Thank you!

  7. I was there. Had no idea who they were, then word circulated around the room that it was REM. I have cousins in Athens who had told me to watch out for them. Man they were tight.


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