Friday, April 19

Cotton Mather - In the USSR + Back In the USA (Live 2017 + 2019)

St. Petersburg, Russia  
July 2, 2017
(opening for The Aquarium)

audience recording (sound quality VG; taper was near the stage and, judging by the results, must have used high-quality equipment)

SAMPLE: "Never Be It" (live in St. Petersburg 2017)

Cotton Mather opened for Russia's legendary Aquarium
01 Wheels
02 Robert speaks
03 High Society
04 It's Better Not to 
     Be the King
05 Life of a Liar
06 Never Be It
07 Spin My Wheels
08 My Before and After
09 The Cotton Mather Pledge
10 Fighting Through
11 Candy Lilac
12 Close to the Sun
13 Girl With a Blue Guitar
14 The Book of 
     Too Late Changes
15 Life of a Liar
        (live on Nevsky Ave. July 4th)
Cotton Mather, on the streets of St. Petersburg,
Russia, playing on borrowed equipment
Austin, TX
April 10, 2019
'Texas Radio Live' broadcast

preFM source (sound quality: VG++; this was a webstream capture, so the FLAC version offered below is a lossless recording of a lossy source)
01 High Society
02 Better Than a Hit
03 California
04 Mighty Girl
Gotta love Robert's willingness to attack his guitar
05 Girl with a Blue Guitar 
06 Homefront Cameo
07 Candy Lilac
08 Close to the Sun
09 band intros
10 It's Better Not to 
     Be the King
11 Never Be It
12 RH speaks, song intro
13 Vegetable Row
14 Sun Radio outro
15 Sun Radio interview

ROB SEZ: I'm taking a break from re-posts this week to bring you the ab fab Cotton Mather. In case you're not familiar, Robert Harrison's band plays his rock-pop confections, influenced by artists we love: Beatles, Kinks, Who, Squeeze, Elvis Costello — but certainly not the "slavish imitation" variety no ones needs. Harrison's songs are inventive, tuneful, lyrically thoughtful, and engagingly performed. Between these two performances, I prefer the first — even though the second has better sound quality. Must've been something about Cotton Mather opening for Russia's legendary The Aquarium in front of many hundreds that brought out an extra spark. The very recent hometown show in Austin inspired a solid, but at times workman-like performance. MEGA THANKS to Andre Minaev for the St. Petersburg recording and to Sun Radio for broadcasting the Austin show, which I streamed and recorded in real time. The blog will take an Easter break next Friday and be back the following. 
Happy Holidays / Happy Spring / happy vacation time to all
Young Life & Other Mysteries, Cotton Mather's latest collection, can only be had via the band's Patreon monthly subscription service. But it's well worth the modest amount of money to obtain exclusive songs, videos and posts by Robert Harrison (the above is an actual CD in a cardboard sleeve) There might also still be a few copies of the band's early, rare Crafty Flower Arranger mini album left, also available only through Patreon. 
FLAC (Austin show in lossless; St. Pete show = MP3@320)

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