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Let's Active - Reunion Show 2014

Sara Romweber memorial & tribute
'Be Loud Sophie' benefit
Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, N.C.
August 9, 2014 
30 YEARS LATER: original members Mitch & Sara onstage together.
all these amazing photos were shot by Jonathan Drake for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation

REUNION SHOW (benefit for the Be Loud Sophie Foundation)

Read an obituary for Sara Romweber at Slicing Up Eyeballs 
and this remembrance
soundboard-audience matrix recording (quality Ex-; Batchain did a great job on this one, as usual...)
VERY SINCERE THANKS to Batchain for recording & sharing, and to Mr. Ersatz himself for the thumbs up
Suzi Ziegler (ex-Game Theory) played bass for the show
01 In Between
02 Easy Does
03 Waters Part
04 Fell
05 band intros
06 Every Word Means No
07 Badger
08 Edge of the World
09 Ornamental
10 In Little Ways
11 Leader of Men
12 Blue Line (encore)
ROB SEZWho would've imagined we'd see a Let's Active reunion show in 2014? For a long time, Mitch Easter himself didn't believe it would ever take place. But recently, someone asked — and original L.A. drummer Sara Romweber said yes — and it actually happened, 30 years after the original line-up last played together. Sadly, the late and much-lamented Faye Hunter could only be present in spirit. There were a few musical glitches here and there, and Mitch had a little trouble hitting some of the high notes. But for all that, this show is the best kind of "blast from the past."
GREAT BIG THANKS to Mitch and Sara for saying "Let's do this."
Sara Romweber, the band's first drummer, died this month

Let’s Active:
Sara Romweber (R.I.P.) – drums 
Mitch Easter – guitar, vocals
Suzi Ziegler – bass, b. vocals

Chris Stamey – additional guitar
Missy Thangs – keyboard, backing vocals
Lynn Blakey – backing vocals + lead vocal on “Blue Line”
Dr. David Vandermast – acoustic guitar on “Badger”
artwork from Bigozine included in download

Watch every single song played at the showcourtesy of Larry Tucker and his HD cam-corder    

Learn more about the  Be Loud Sophie Foundation  at their web site


  1. wonderful stuff thanks to both you and to mitch for getting this total gem up here...and wow that double neck guitar in the picture above is so cool

    1. That guitar ... and that shirt he's wearing, oh so cool.

      Mitch = groovy 4ever.

  2. Super cool Let's Active! Can't thank you enough for sharing this!!!

    1. Thanks for chiming in, CB. Love your blog also -- have snagged & enjoyed many great shares at your site over the years...

  3. Back to say, thanks, and wow...this sure is a sweet share....thanks again!


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