Friday, August 10

dB's - Rare Demo Bonanza ('TomTom, Part 2')

Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey
(+ Alex Chilton bonus)
Early, Rare Demos
late 1970s & early 1980s
various locations, variable sound quality (range: GD to VG+)
SAMPLE: "Lonely Is as Lonely Does" (demo, late 1970s)     
Chris and Peter at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, NC, 1981
photo by dB's Fan
Think of this collection as “Ride the Wild TomTom, Part 2” 
(except that most of these are without the other dB's)
I never thought I'd hear demos for Repercussion era tracks,
but here are 3 for your listening pleasure...  

01 Bad Reputation (earliest demo) PH
02 Ups and Downs (demo) CS
03 We Were Happy There (demo) PH
04 Happenstance (demo) CS
05 You've Been On My Mind 1 (demo) PH
06 You've Been On My Mind 2 (demo, full-length)* PH
07 instrumental (demo) PH
08 What You Said to Me (demo)* PH
09 Looking Around Corners (demo) PH
10 A House Is Not a Home (demo) PH
11 Leave My World Alone (demo) PH
12 Crimson & Clover (demo)* PH
13 The Death of Rock (earliest demo) PH
14 Lonely Is as Lonely Does (demo) PH
15 Depth of Field (demo) CS
16 Face In the Crowd (demo) CS
17 Excitement (demo) CS
18 Big Time (demo) CS
19 Walking the Ceiling (It's Good to Be Alive) demo CS
20 Tennis Bum (demo) LX with PH
21 My Rival (demo) LX with CS & Cossacks
22 Little Fishy (demo) LX with CS & Cossacks

TT: 77:13 mins.

ROB SEZA huge thank-you goes to dB's Fan for the original share. The oldest of these are the final two Alex Chilton tracks, accompanied by Chris and the rest of The Cossacks, probably 1977. “Tennis Bum” is a better-known track from Peter’s Memphis sessions, recorded some time in 1978 at Sam Phillips’ studio with Richard Rosebrough. Most of the other Peter tracks are thought to be from these sessions except for the 3 marked “ * ”. Those are said to be from a later session in 1979 at Mitch Easter’s Drive-In Studio in Winston-Salem, NC. Chris’ demos are dated 1982, but there’s no other info. I can't imagine the Repercussion songs would have been demo’d in 1982 since the album was recorded in 1981. But I’m just passing on the info I was given...

Peter visits London, 1981

Chris phones it in, just this once

Alex Chilton strumming away in someone's bedsit
photo by S. Chernikowski


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  1. Intriguing, can't wait to hear, thanks Rob

  2. Here's an example of how much I enjoy this site. We aren't supposed to use work computers for non-work related things. In fear that something might happen (download gets pulled, blog spot goes through maintenance etc...) I make a point of visiting here on Friday (during work hours) and downloading the latest entry. Thanks again!

    1. Zach & Warren - Thanks for your comments. Don't worry overly much about this material disappearing for good. I'm pretty anal about doing backups, and I intentionally use two different file servers for the downloads. That way, if one goes away, chances are the other will still be around. Unlike some other bloggers, I do not delete my files after I post 'em...

  3. I dunno how I missed this one, having been here a dozen times, but it's a great joy to find, with the A House Is Not A Home demo a particular beauty. Thanks for keeping the links up or I'd have been sunk. Speaking of which, might a Sound Of Music demo called Pushing It Back be lurking here somewhere? It was on a compilation of demos and such on another site that I was too late to grab. Since I hold that LP in very very high regard, I can't help but wonder... Thanks again!

    1. can help you out on 'Pushing', Reservatory, think the comp you mean was assembled by me


    2. I think the links are still good for Fantom's comp, posted at Popfair. It includes the "Pushin' It Back" demo.


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