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Alex Chilton - Live in 1977 (feat. Chris Stamey)

TWO Alex Chilton live shows for your listening pleasure
Alex doing his unique musical thing at CBGB, NYC, 1977 (most likely May or Sept.) –- and, yes, that’s Chris Stamey on bass, standing next to LX. (photo by Godlis)
Alex Chilton, his band Big Star, and the members of The dB's crossed paths many times, especially in the 1970s and '80s (see this page that spells out these connections). Here, I'm posting two live shows from 1977, the year Chris Stamey played bass in Alex's backing band (sometimes billed as The Cossacks).
Alex Chilton
Ocean Club, NYC
April 19, 1977
audience recording (sound quality: VG)
BIG THANKS to the original tapers & uploaders — whoever you are. This one's fairly common in trading circles -- perhaps because it has the best sound quality of the surviving 1977 shows, plus an energetic performance.
Highlight: Alex sings "The Summer Sun" — the early single written by Chris & produced by Alex

Stephanie Chernikowski took the photo above, on the front cover.
1. When My Baby’s Beside Me
2. All the Time
3. Don't Believe In Miracles
4. She Might Look My Way
5. My Rival
6. Take Me Home and Make Me Like It
7. September Girls
8. In the Street
9. Can't Seem to Make You Mine
10. The Summer Sun (composed by Mr. Chris Stamey)
11. The Letter
12. A Little Fishy
13. Shakin' the World
14. Government Center
15. O My Soul
Alex Chilton & The Cossacks
The Hot Club, Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 13, 1977
audience recording (sound quality VG-)
Uploader's notes: While it would be a stretch to call this show "tight" it certainly is a rare nugget. Recorded by The Big A at Philly's venerable punk club, this is one wild ride: one moment horrendous, the next transcendent, sometimes in the same song. Both sets are in the 55 minute range and the SQ is very good, especially for the era. It sounds like Alex is doing some off-mic singing so occasionally his vocals could be louder, but you can hear this pretty well. Wild covers galore. If I remember right this was Chris Stamey's last gig w/ Alex.
ROB SEZ: I was reminded of Chris Stamey's 1977 musical involvements with Alex Chilton while reading Chris' recent book, A Spy In the House of Loud. Don’t expect to hear either a dB’s gig or a Chris Stamey solo show. This is early Alex Chilton, raw and at times intentionally lackadaisical. If you’re into it, you’ll probably love it. If you’re not … umm, you might want to go clean out your junk email file instead. Mega thanks to the Big A for the recording and to realomind for sharing.

[1st Set]
01. The Letter
02. Criminal Type
03. Take Me Home and Make Me Like It 
04. Every Trick In the Book
05. Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On
06. Like Flies On Sherbert (early version)
07. Night Time
08. My Rival
09. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
10. All the Time
[2nd Set]
11. Bangkok
12. Can't Seem to Make You Mine 
LX & Chris at the Lower Manhattan Ocean Club in 1977
13. Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
14. Kanga Roo
15. Baby Doll
16. Executive Suite
17. You Get What 
      You Deserve
18. Hook or Crook
19. Do You Wanna Dance?
20. Jenny
21. Secret Agent Man
22. Domino
23. Oh Oh, I Love Her So
24. Funtime
25. Fire and Water
26. instrum. medley
Set 1
Set 2
Musicians (for both shows):
Alex Chilton - vocals, guitar
Chris Stamey - bass
Fran Kowalski - keys
Lloyd Fonoroff - drums


  1. Man this blog keeps getting better. Actually I've had some version or another of most of what you've put up, but nothat Hot Club set. I'm psyched. Logical next chapter is Chilton's recordings with Holsapple (pretty common) and Holsapple's recordings with Chilton (much more rare). Happy to contribute toward that or other installments (I once did something like an 8 hour radio special on Holsapple & Stamey)

  2. Do any audience recordings exist of the Cossacks with Richard Lloyd??? I have 4 shows all with the lineup same as above... Would also love to see the One Day In New York set posted!!

  3. Hello Jack - I don't think any shows happened with the Cossacks that included Richard (except that he sat in on a few songs at one). Chris Stamey says as much in a recent interview about Alex Chilton with Uncut magazine:

    One Day in NY saw a commercial release on Ork Records, so it won't appear here. I only post ROIOs.

    Thanks for stopping by, though...

  4. Belated correction. Last track of the Ocean Club set is of course 'O My Soul'....

    1. Thank you, Eagle Eyes! Have just corrected that title...

  5. This is amazing. I've been wanting to hear this stuff for years. Any chance of restoring the download link for the Ocean Club show?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I've restored the link.


  6. Warm thanks from cold Finland. LX keeps the heat up. Mz

  7. Thanks a lot this is so great.
    Cheers Dan.

  8. Thank You friend !

  9. Great to see these shows are still 'up' - so thanks very very much indeed

    1. Happy to oblige, Quibus. I work pretty hard to keep all my links live & available for folks like you...


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