Friday, March 23

Sundays - Black Session 1992 + Atlanta, GA 1997

Black Session no. 17 
Radio Inter
Paris, France
Dec. 15, 1992

FM recording (sound quality: VG+) 

01 I Won
02 Can't Be Sure
03 What Do You Think? 
04 Joy
05 On Earth
06 Medicine
07 My Finest Hour
08 Here's Where the Story Ends
09 More
10 Hideous Towns

Note: an additional song, A Certain Someone, ended the set. A recording of it doesn’t seem to circulate widely, and thus is missing from this post.

Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
Dec. 5, 1997 

Dream Remaster (mega thanks to Colin!)

Custom covers by Tim Barron
audience recording (sound quality: VG to VG+)

01 intro [theme from "Hawaii Five-O"] 
02 banter 1
03 Can't Be Sure
04 What Do You Think?
05 Cry
06 I Kicked A Boy
07 Medicine
08 banter 2
09 Another Flavour
10 banter 3
11 When I'm Thinking About You
12 Homeward
13 banter 4
14 Monochrome
15 banter 5
16 My Finest Hour
17 Goodbye
18 encore break 1
19 She
20 Here's Where the Story Ends 
21 encore break 2
22 Joy
23 crowd / banter 6
24 Summertime
25 encore break 3
26 Turkish
27 Hideous Towns

ROB SEZ: Coupla new things here: a Sundays post and a collaboration with Colin from the fab Dream Remaster blog. For some years, Colin has been posting excellent ROIOS by artists we love — and I recommend you check out his blog if you haven't already (he's got many more Sundays goodies). I obtained a CD-R copy of the Atlanta show, but it was well beyond my meager talents to improve. Knowing Colin's superior skills & appreciation for The Sundays, I pitched the idea to him and he ran with it. Thanks to him, this relatively rare recording is now quite an enjoyable listen. Thank you, kind sir.

FLAC (Atlanta gig in lossless; Black Session in MP3)



  1. Thank you muchly. - Stinky

  2. Thank you! I was at the Cat's Cradle show in Chapel Hill, so I am especially looking forward to this one. Thanks for the up & to Colin for his work on the set. Cheers

  3. Well I think this is my remastered version of the Atlanta show I made 7 years ago...

    1. Could be! I bought the CD-R somewhere, and as you'd expect, there was absolutely no source or lineage for the recording provided. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Bless you both for making these Sundays recording available.

    1. Happy to do it, Anonymous.


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