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Close Lobsters - Live 1987 + 1989

Clarendon Ballroom
Hammersmith, London, UK 
Feb. 28, 1987

opening set, supporting The Wedding Present

audience recording (sound quality: VG; transfer from master tape)

01 Sewer Pipe
02 Pimps
03 Pathetic Trivia
04 I Take Bribes
05 Wide Waterways
06 Never Seen Before
07 In Spite of These Times
08 Going to Heaven to 
     See If It Rains 
09 A Prophecy
10 Get What They Deserve

TT: 34:21 mins.

ROB SEZ: Close Lobsters were / are an indie band from Paisley, Scotland that caught an early break by landing a track on NME's well-received C86 compilation. The usual problems conspired to prevent wider acclaim, but Close Lobsters released a fine clutch of singles and two long-players in the late 1980s — all of them included in the 2015 Firestation Towers compilation. AllMusic refers to the band's sound as "neo-psychedelic jangle pop", which works for me. The group reunited in 2012 and thereafter released two EPs and mounted sporadic live gigs. SPECIAL THANKS to chrispoor for sharing the 1987 live set and extra thanks to the Stonecutter Archives & elegymart for the 1989 show. Sound quality is poorer than I prefer, but there's precious little rare stuff by this band to share. Look for more here soon...

Cabaret Metro
Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 3, 1989

audience recording
(sound quality: VG-)

01  audience
02  Nature Thing 
03  Arthur
04  I Kiss the Flower In Bloom 
05  Lovely Little Swan 
06  Gunpowderkeg
07  Never Seen Before
08  Pathetique  
09  Got Apprehension
10  Hey Hey, My My
      (Into the Black) 
11  Just Too Bloody Stupid  
12  Loopholes
13  Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
14  Knee Trembler  
15  Foxheads
16  In Spite of These Times

TT: 56:11 mins.

Close Lobsters:
Andrew Burnett - vocals
Graeme Wilmington - guitar, backing vocals
Tom Donnelly - guitar
Bob Burnett - bass 
Stewart McFayden - drums, backing vocals



Learn more about Close Lobsters' music at 
the band's FB page, Trouser Press & AllMusic


  1. Rob what a great post!
    I had forgotten about this band & this is a great way to rediscover them!
    Thanks to your self & all involved in getting this to the masses.


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