Friday, September 22

Rilo Kiley - Washington, DC 2007 + bonus

930 Club
Washington, D.C. 
Sept. 26, 2007

NPR Music webcast
sound quality: VG++ (occasional, slight distortion)

SAMPLE: "Close Call" (live in 2007)

01 It's a Hit
02 Close Call
03 Portions for Foxes
04 Paint's Peeling
05 greeting - intro
06 Breaking Up
07 Dreamworld
08 Moneymaker
09 Wires and Waves
10 Ripchord
11 With Arms Outstretched 
12 A Man - Me - Then Jim
13 Silver Lining
14 I Never
15 Fifteen
16 Rise Up With Fists
17 chat about 'Snowball'
18 Spectacular Views
19 (jam)
20 return to stage, song intro
21 Give a Little
22 Does He Love You?

Live Session
'Morning Becomes Eclectic' 
KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, CA
Aug. 17, 2004

webstream capture (sound quality: VG++; 
                                              occasional, slight distortion)
01 More Adventurous
02 Portions for Foxes
03 Does He Love You?
04 It Just Is
05 The Absence of God
06 Ripchord
07 Go Ahead
08 A Man - Me - Then Jim

ROB SEZ: There must be some Rilo Kiley fans who visit this blog. I'm moderately enthusiastic, but the band's appeal is evident. Listening to these recordings, it's also clear RK's allure wasn't all about Jenny Lewis...

Learn more about Rilo Kiley's music at AllMusic, Wikipedia & the band's official site


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this recording. I am a/the Rilo Kiley fan who visits your site, and I actually attended this show at the 9:30 Club. I'm really thrilled to have a recording of it at last. (And not just Rilo Kiley, by the way--I consistently find great stuff on here!)

    1. Hi Christopher - glad to know who "that fan" is! Thanks for the thanks...

  2. The 9:30 show is shockingly good - so much better and more rocking than their records (that I've heard). And the band plays really well. Thanks for this show!


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