Tuesday, September 12

Dodgy - 'Got It Covered' + Dodgy On Vinyl

'Got It Covered'
covers collection
various recording dates & venues

soundboard recordings (quality: VG++)

SAMPLE: "I Can't Make It" (Small Faces cover by Dodgy)

01 Be My Baby (The Ronettes)
02 I Can't Make It (The Small Faces) 
03 Come Together (The Beatles)
04 Rainy Day Women (Bob Dylan)
05 Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)
06 Lotta Love (Neil Young)
07 A Team (Ed Sheeran)
08 Back to Life (Soul II Soul)
09 The Kids Are Alright (live) [The Who]

Dodgy On Vinyl
tracks unavailable on CD or digital download
various recording dates & venues
soundboard recordings (quality: VG++ to Ex-; lovingly transferred from vinyl-only releases)

SAMPLE: "I'm On My Way" [B-side, (We Need a Little) Lifting single] 

Satisfied (Live at the London Astoria)
Don't Go Back (To the Beaten Track)
                     [Homegrown EP]
Black Heart (Live)
FPS-2 (promo highlights)
Free Peace Sweet (limited vinyl) 
Homegrown [Homegrown EP]
I'm On My Way
In a Room (Live Acoustic Version) 
Out Clubbing
St. Lucia

ROB SEZ: No surprise that I'm featuring yet another lesser-known British band. For some, the real surprise might be how catchy & compelling these songs are. If you don't know Dodgy's inventive rock-pop concoctions, this wouldn't be a bad place to start. Mega thanks to the band for the 'Got It Covered' comp and to the anonymous soul behind the Dodgy on Vinyl collection. Thanks also (as usual) to Don & co. at the old ASH blog for putting me in-the-know.

WAV + MP3@320
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