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Veronica Falls - Best Live Sessions 2010-2013

Amoeba Music
Hollywood, CA
Feb. 26, 2012
+ 2 other live sessions

web streams (sound quality VG+ to Ex-) 

01 Right Side of My Brain
02 Stephen
03 Beachy Head
Not all gloom & doom: Veronica Falls having a laugh
04 Bury Me Alive
05 Bad Feeling
06 Come On Over
07 Found Love In
     a Graveyard 
08 Wedding Day
09 Bad Feeling
10 If You Still Want Me
11 My Heart Beats
12 Broken Toy
13 Waiting for Something
     to Happen
14 Teenage

07-09 = KEXP-FM (Seattle, WA)
      live session Feb. 2012
10-14 = BreakThru Radio live session 
      April 2013

SAMPLE: "The Box" (live session 2011) 

So photogenic, I'm including a photo collection
Best of the Rest
Various Live Sessions

FM, soundboard, web streams
      (quality range VG to Ex-)
01 Found Love In a Graveyard 
02 The Box
03 Bury Me Alive
04 Beachy Head
05 The Fountain
06 Come On Over
07 Starry Eyes (acoustic)
08 Stephen (acoustic)
09 Broken Toy (acoustic)
10 Beachy Head (acoustic)
11 My Heart Beats
12 Found Love In a Graveyard
13 Wedding Day
14 Teenage
15 My Heart Beats
16 Come On Over

Track info:
01 = BreakThru Radio live session Fall 2011
02 = Amazing Sessions late 2011
03 = Insound live session 2011
04 = 100 Club live 2012
illustration by Mandy Newham-Cobb 
for Sessions from the Box
        (courtesy of Matt Houghton)
05 = Amazing Sessions 2012
06 = WBEZ-FM, Chicago, IL live set 2012
07-08 = FD acoustic session 2010
09 = HeartstringsTV 2013
10 = Bandstand Busking 2011
11 = KEXP-FM (Seattle, WA) live session Feb. 2012
12-14 = Sessions from the Box, 
             Portland, OR 2012-05-21
15 = Madrid, Spain 2013 (courtesy of numerocero)
16 = South Street Seaport, NYC 2013
        (partial audience rec.)

ROB SEZ: So damn talented, catchy & cute, Veronica Falls had a LOT going for it during its 5-year lifespan. Starting out in Glasgow bands like Sexy KidsRoxanne Clifford (vocals, guitar) and drummer-vocalist Patrick Doyle teamed with guitarist James Hoare and friend Marion Herbain (bass) to form Veronica Falls in 2009. They relocated to London and found success in the indie pop world, releasing many praiseworthy singles and two albums. Musically, think 1960s-era harmony vocals accompanied by strummy, Velvet Undeground style guitar and drums, and you're getting pretty close. With a penchant for morbid themes mixed with sunny chords (typical song title: "Found Love in a Graveyard"), reviewers and musos like me resorted to phrases like surf rock/pop/goth/punk to help folks get a feel for this utterly charming band. For me, the group was at its best playing live, although I also dig the studio recordings. Alas, Veronica Falls splintered in 2014, apparently due to a combination of divergent musical interests and fatigue. Sadly, 2018 brought news of the death of drummer Patrick Doyle at age 32, presumably dashing my hopes for a reunion for good.
Learn more about Veronica Falls' music at PitchforkWikipedia & AllMusic

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  1. Veronica Falls - B-Sides and Rarities

    (see details for each track in the Comments file tags)

    01 Staying Here
    02 Back Page
    03 Try Again (bedroom demo)
    04 Starry Eyes (cover)
    05 Killing Time
    06 Talk About You
    07 If You Still Want Me (bedroom demo)
    08 Waiting for Something to Happen (single version)
    09 Perpetual Motion
    10 Bury Me Happy (cover)
    11 Timeless Melody (cover)
    12 Nobody There
    13 I Need You Around
    14 In a Box In a Bag*

    *rare track from Roxanne & Patrick's previous band Sexy Kids (c. 2007)



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