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Albion (Country) Band - 1972 + 1983

Albion Country Band
University College
London, UK
Oct. 25, 1972

audience recording (sound quality VG; transferred from a 2nd-generation source tape)

01 Nobody's Wedding
Richard & Linda Thompson were part of this Albion line-up
02 banter 1
03 Shady Lies
04 banter 2
05 Poor Ditching Boy  
06 Napoleon's Dream
07 He May Call You Up Tonight
08 banter 3
09 Winster Processional, etc.
     (Morris tunes medley)
10 banter 4 + Bonnie Green Garter
11 Has He Got a Friend for Me?
12 banter 5
13 New St. George
14 banter 6
15 Don't Make It 54
16 Break My Mind
17 tuning
18 Morris tune (brief, fades out)

The Albion Country Band:
Ashley Hutchings - bass, vocals
Richard Thompson - guitar, vocals 
Linda Peters (Thompson) - vocals
Simon Nicol - guitar, vocals
Sue Draheim - fiddle
Roger Swallow - drums 

ROB SEZ: Now for something completely different! I have a soft spot for British folk, especially the kind created by just about anyone from early Fairport Convention lineups. Fairport founder Ashley Hutchings was the main man for all the Albion configurations until 2011, when he passed the baton to his son. Richard & Linda Thompson briefly graced the early 1970s edition of the Albion Country Band (this recording features the band playing several selections composed by Richard). MEGA THANKS to UncleBoko for sharing both of these.

UncleBoko says: This is the first gig of this line up as Ashley mentions in the first banter, of what became known as the "caretaker Albion Country Band”.

The Albion Band
Roskilde Festival 
October 7, 1983

soundboard recording (quality VG++; transfer from 2nd gen. cassette)

01 The Albions Are In Town
     Again/ Simple Melody
02 Green Mist
03 five dance tunes, 
     five centuries 
04 Tomorrow and Tomorrow 
     and Tomorrow 
05 Pall Mall/ Kensington/ Doing
     the Aldwych   
06 Light Shining
07 Love Is Like a 
     Railway Station
08 three Dance tunes 
09 Time to Ring Some Changes
10 Beware of Blue - 
     Halek Brawl
11 Heart
12 more dance tunes, MC

The Albion Band:
Ashley Hutchings - bass, vocals
Dave Whetstone - squeezeboxes, guitar, vocals
Cathy le Surf - vocals
Jean-Pierre Rasle - bagpipes, etc.
Alan Prosser - guitar
Trevor Foster - drums

UncleBoko says: This gig was part of a tour of Sweden and Denmark undertaken during September and October 1983. Trevor Foster had ably replaced Dave Mattacks on drums, and Alan Prosser was standing in for possibly Doug Morter on guitar.

Learn more about the Albion Band 
at Wikipedia and AllMusic


  1. This is awesome RT&LT fronting the Albions? What a treat - many thanks! Nice to hear some Dave Whetstone as well - talented songwriter as well as player!

    Atlas in Canada

    1. Welcome aboard, Atlas. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks for this 1972 recording. The first track I played was He May Call You Up Tonight. It got stuck on repeat. - Chris

  3. Hello! do you know who took that photo of Richard and Linda?

    1. Hello Unknown - No, I'm sorry. Have no idea who took that photo.

  4. Thanks for posting these. I was looking for something else by them and found your blog. The link is still active.


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