Tuesday, April 25

Flamin' Groovies - Live 1980 + 1981

The Old Waldorf
San Francisco, CA
Dec. 24, 1980

FM recording (sound quality VG to VG+) 

01 tuning up, intro
02 They Have Never Been In Love
03 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
04 Back In the U.S.S.R
05 Do I Love You?
06 River Deep, Mountain High
07 Let It Rock
08 A Hard Day's Night
09 Feel a Whole Lot Better
10 Baby, Please Don't Go
11 Fall On You
12 Shake Some Action
13 Ju Ju Man

'Under the Covers' liberated boot
Demos + Live in San Francisco 1980-1981

FM & soundboard recordings (sound quality VG)

ROB SEZ: More groovy Groovies boots, the first of which is courtesy of Don from the old ASH blog, and the second from some kind soul whose identity is lost to me. (If you're the one & stumble upon this post, thanks a bunch!) Look for at least 1 more post in this series soon.

ASH Tuesday post #63

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