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Revelers - Final Gig, Columbus, OH 1999 (sbd)

Springfest, Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
April 1999

This was the band’s final gig, opening for Guided By Voices. There were a few reunion shows in 2006 and 2007.

soundboard recording (quality: VG++)
Final gig at OSU in Columbus, OH 1999

01 There's a Way
02 Silver Ship
03 Detroit Bridge
04 Radiator Girl
05 Happy Hunting Gentlemen
06 Where Are You?
07 Fortunate Son
08 Yeah Yeah Yeah
09 Good Things
10 Stop It, Baby
11 So Chemical

12 We Can Almost Do Anything*

*Live at Mather Courtyard, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH July 21, 1990 (thanks to clevelandlivemusic for sharing)

ROB SEZ: Once again, I have my pals at the defunct ASH blog to thank for my hearing about this great little band from Ohio. Give the sample a listen, then go find their 2 albums on SpinArt records (I'm afraid the other releases are as hard to find as hen's teeth).

The Revelers:
Andrej Cuturic - guitar, vocals
Joel Kaufman - guitar, vocals
George Frank - bass
Tommy Fox - drums

The Revelers: yet another talent-packed band that never made it out of its regional scene

HEARTY THANKS to band member Tommy Fox for sharing this recording with the world
Learn more about the Revelers' music at 
the band's FB page and Discogs

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