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Max Indian - Pinhook, Durham, N.C. 2009 + bonus

The Pinhook
Durham, N.C.
Troika Music Fest 
Nov. 5, 2009
audience recording (sound quality VG; club show, so you know what to expect)
01 - intro
Groovy photos of Max Indian in 2010 by Elizabeth Lemon via Flickr
02 - Together at Last
03 - Never and Always
04 - Faster Than Light
05 - Free as the Wind
06 - Oughtaghetacamra 
07 - Lookout
08 - Now I Know
09 - Perfect Square
10 - Easy to Imagine
11 - Heaven Help Us
12 - Great Big World
13 - outro
14 - Lookout (Local 506, 
        Chapel Hill, N.C. 2009-07-24)
15 - Now I Know (Local 506, 
        Chapel Hill, N.C. 2009-07-24)
16 - Free as the Wind (Fifth Season 
        Gardening, Carrboro, NC 2009-05-09)
17 - Together at Last (Fifth Season Gardening, Carrboro, N.C. 2009-05-09)
18 - Whatever Goes Up (Local 506, Chapel Hill, N.C. 2010-03-26)
19 - The Man In Me (Dylan cover, FestiFall, Chapel Hill, N.C. 2009)
20 - Policy of Truth (Depeche Mode cover, Duke Gardens, Durham, N.C. 2010)

NOTES: Tracks 14-20 = assorted live tracks (audience recordings); LOTS O' THANKS to the following for recording and sharing: cotafloata, Alex Howard, Indyscanvideos

ROB SEZ: Max Indian was a short-lived band from Carrboro, N.C. I wouldn't have had a clue, except for Peter Holsapple ranting & raving about them. I checked out their debut album, and it's simply stunning. Taper cotafloata says, “Thanks to Max Indian for being one of the greatest bands of all time. Please show your support for them by buying the album at or by checking out their related bands: The Dead Tongues, The Human Eyes, Mandolin Orange, and more.” To which I say: What he said. 
(Go have a look at cotafloata’s [Eric Chen’s] Soundcloud collection)

MP3@320 (assorted live tracks @256 kbps)

The debut album: a must!
Just how good is Max Indian's debut album?
Go to CDBaby & check a sample or two.
I predict you'll buy it immediately.


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  1. Rare Max Indian material is really hard to come by, and you can’t beat the price — so here’s some more:

    Max Indian - Live at the Pour House, Raleigh, N.C. (WKNC 88.1's Double Barrel Benefit #7), Feb. 5, 2010 (4 trax, audience rec., sound quality VG-)

    plus: an amazing undated live take on “Lookout” and Carter Gaj’s solo studio version of “Whatever Goes Up”.


    MP3@256 (for the most part):


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