Thursday, December 15

Bruce Cockburn & Friends - 'Xmas With Cockburn' 1991 + '93

Columbia Records Radio Hour
'Christmas With Cockburn'
1991 + 1993

Bearsville Theatre 
Woodstock, N.Y.
December 15, 1991

FM recordings (sound quality: VG+) 

01 intro + Lovers 
     In a Dangerous Time
02 Silent Night*
03 Dream Like Mine
04 God Rest Ye 
     Merry Gentlemen
05 It Came Upon a 
     Midnight Clear*
06 If a Trees Falls
07 Cry of a Tiny Babe**
08 Waiting for a Miracle*

* w/ Sam Phillips (lead vocal on 05)
** w/ Sam Phillips & T-Bone Burnett

Musicians: David Mansfield, Richard Bell, Miche Pouliot, Colin Linden, John Dymond

Sony Music Studio
New York, N.Y.
December 12, 1993

09 intro
10 Wondering Where 
     the Lions Are 
11 I Saw Three Ships
12 Lament for the Last Days
13 Crystal Ball+
14 All I Want for Christmas+
15 Les Anges Dans 
     Nos Campagnes+
16 God Rest Ye 
     Merry Gentlemen
17 Incandescent Blue
18 Rebel Jesus+
19 Away In a Manger+

+ w/ Jackson Browne (lead vocal on 13 + 18)


ROB SEZ: Took me a while to get into the spirit of the season, but it finally hit me the other day. This year especially, I want to hear holiday tunes sung by someone with a conscience, so I thought of Bruce Cockburn. (Many thanks to the original tapers & sharers.) I really dig his Christmas album. I think it's a classic.

It's not too late; buy now!

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