Friday, September 16

Warm Soda - Live 2013 & 2014

Gonerfest 11
The Hi Tone
Memphis, TN
Sept. 26, 2014

soundboard recording (sound quality VG++)
WARM SODA waiting to hit it big
SAMPLE: "Someone for You" (live '14)

01 Going In Circles
02 Someone for You
03 Cryin’ for a Love
04 Young Reckless Hearts
05 Can't Erase This Feeling
06 title unknown
07 chat + band intro
08 Jeanie Loves Pop
09 Forbidden Emotion
10 Lola

Amsterdam, NTH
July 13, 2013

audience recording (sound quality VG-; listenable club show)

WARM SODA It's downright scary how good (& unknown) they are.
00 soundchecking + intro
01 Reaction
02 Busy Lizzy
03 Diamond Ring
04 Someone For You
05 Violent Blue
06 Waiting for Your Call
07 Only In Your Mind
08 Sour Grapes
09 improvised jam
10 Jeanie Loves Pop
11 Postcards
12 Strange As It Seems
13 Stargazer
14 Spellbound
15 This Changes Everything

TT: 72 mins. (both sets combined) 

ROB SEZ: Fancy hearing a talent-packed band that plays catchy, Ramones-speed pop with a California garage rock feel? Well, here's your big chance. Hit that sample, my musical friend. Three guesses who turned me on to Warm Soda; first two don't count (hello Don & Anthony). Thank you kindly to Rocket Science Audio for recording & sharing the first set and to Jill M for the 2013 set.

MP3@320 (2nd set = 256kbps)

Learn more about the music of Warm Soda at the band's official site, FB page, and Bandcamp pages


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    1. As always, thank YOU for the inspiration, Mr. V....

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