Tuesday, September 6

David Mead - Two Days In Nashville - 2006

Third & Lindsley
Nashville, TN
WRLT-FM broadcast
May 14, 2006
FM capture (sound quality VG+)
Note: complete broadcast with band, but not the complete show. (Now then, where do you think I could find those additional tracks if I really wanted to hear 'em??)

MUCHOS GRACIAS to Mick for capturing the May 14 show & creating the artwork, and to Don for sharing. Thanks also to Craig Smith for recording and sharing the May 15 set.

Edgehill Studios
Nashville, TN
May 15, 2006
soundboard recording (quality Ex-) 
01 Hard to Remember
02 Fighting for Your Life
03 Reminded #1
04 The Trouble With Henry
05 Sugar On the Knees
06 Choosing Teams

ROB SEZ: David Mead is a recent discovery for me, thanks to music buddies from the old ASH blog. If you've never heard of him, but like artists such as Jason Falkner, Michael Penn, etc., then I heartily recommend you check out David Mead.

Learn more about the music of David Mead at his official site, FB page or Wikipedia.
ASH Tuesday post #49.


  1. ...and here are the rest of the songs from the May 14, 2006 show from an audience recording made by Craig Smith:

    David Mead
    3rd And Lindsley
    Nashville, TN
    May 14, 2006

    17 Beauty 3:54
    18 New Mexico 3:35
    19 Choosing Teams 5:06

    THANK YOU, Craig Smith!


  2. Hey Rob, So sorry it took me so long to re-post the David Mead rarities but I finally did. I updated the link today: http://popfair.blogspot.com/2008/09/david-mead-unreleased-songs-b-sides-and.html

    Thanks for all you do. I always love the hard work you pour into this great blog.



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