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Orgone Box (Rick Corcoran) - Various Imperfectshuns

Outtakes, Demos, Rarities
various dates, recording info
1990 - 2011
soundboard recordings (sound quality range: VG to VG++)

SAMPLE: "Just Like a Woman Should Be"

RICK CORCORAN: musical man of mystery
01 Munday Club*
02 Spangles (astro-beatle)*
03 Don’t*
04 Bed (demo)*
05 Smilin Eyes (demo)*
06 Silly Me (demo)*
07 Hypocrite*
08 Harder Now (demo)+
09 Just Like a Woman Should Be^ 
10 Repro Freak Show^
11 Mr. Glad•
12 Fags Green (prototype mix)*

     * Orgone Box tracks (various dates); #12 = Rick
         Corcoran & Tim McTighe collaboration
     ^ Green Tambourines tracks, rec. London 1991 (“Repro
         Freak Show” = J. Willoughby song)
     + Rick Corcoran & Markus Holler track, 1990 demo 
         (from rare 2004 comp. Bucketfull of Possibilities)
     Rick Corcoran & Jonathan Willoughby, 1991 demo, 
        rec. Bournemouth, UK (J. Willoughby song)
       Musicians for Green Tambourine tracks = Rick Corcoran - gtr/vocals, Tam Johnstone - drums/vocals, 
         Tim McTighe - bass/vocals, Jonathan Willoughby - gtr/vocals

STUPENDOUS THANKS to Liverpool-by-way-of-Sheffield musician Rick Corcoran for generously sharing his demos, outtakes, and fair-haired musical stepchildren (& even creating artwork for many of 'em). On account of Rick's stunning psych-pop masterworks, Orgone Box really should be a household name for folks who read this blog. Now then, Rick: will you PLEASE get on with it and release your next proper album (The Lorne Park Tapes LP notwithstanding)? The fans are waiting, kind sir... 

Orgone Box Album Discography
The Orgone Box (2001)
Buy the CD - U.S. | U.K.
My Reply (2005 compilation)
MP3 album @ iTunes, Amazon, etc.
Things That Happened Then (2002)
Buy the CDU.S. | U.K.   
The Lorne Parke Tapes (2016)
Look for the LP (no digital release)
Centaur (2014 - the debut re-vamped) 
Digital album @ Bandcamp
  also iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Learn more about the music of Orgone Box (Rick Corcoran) at the band's FB pageGreat interviews at Sugarbush Records & Mick's blog


  1. psssst: don't forget this set of rarities....

    Green Tambourines Demos & OB Miscellany

    Before forming Orgone Box, Rick Corcoran was in the bands Green Tambourines and Orange, for which he wrote and recorded a good handful of songs — some of which were re-worked for Orgone Box.

    Green Tambourines Demos (c. late 1980s to early 1990s)
    01 Disposable (demo)
    02 Beat Generation (demo)
    03 My Reply (demo)
    04 Retro Sexual Lad (demo)
    05 Hard for Me (demo)
    06 Repro Freak Show (demo)

    Orange / Orgone Box – An OB Miscellany (stuff left off Various Imperfectshuns)
    07 Your Paranoia (Orange)
    08 Mirrorball (When I Want to Feel) [alt. edit - longer intro + outro]
    09 After the Gold Rush (N. Young cover - Maria Callaghan vocal)
    10 CENTAUR (promo mix for album reissue, 2014)

    HUMONGOUS THANKS to Rick Corcoran for releasing many of his odds & sods tracks over the years, and to Mick for compiling the Green Tambourines tracks (Mick also did the ‘Judy Over the Rainbow Plus’ compilation artwork).

    NOTE: Mick’s artwork suggests the presence of several officially-released tracks, but they do not appear here due to my policy of sharing only ROIOs. Happy hunting!


  2. Please repost the Orgone Box/Orange/Green Tambourines rarities -- please! Rick Corcoran rules!!!!!!

    1. Hey Barry - Try again. I just checked the link in the main post and the one here in the comments, and they both appear to be working just fine. Hint: use the "Download" button near the top of the Dropbox page.


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