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Matthew Sweet - Demos (late 1980s + mid-1990s)

Demos collection
Late 1980s
recording locations & dates unknown

soundboard (quality VG to VG+; sounds like a low-gen. tape source  — perhaps 3rd)

01 You Don't Love Me
02 Destroy the Truth
03 When It Comes To You 
04 Just About Nothing
05 Tinfoil Flower
06 My Love Knows
07 Rock Singer
08 Looking at the Sun
09 Sandman
10 Captured
11 Keep You In the Middle
12 Mourning
13 Part of Me
14 Put Your Head Between 
     Your Knees
15 My Only Voice
16 You Gotta Love Me
17 Her Mother's Name
18 Silent City
19 Living Is Killing Me
20 When You Have to Go
21 To Understand

Apparently recorded around the time of MS's second album, Earth.
Quite sincere thanks to Don at the old ASH blog.

If you marvel at Matthew's finished studio tracks, spend a little time with these works-in-progress. You get to hear the roots of his genius and the songs in their earliest incarnations. 
The second set is a particular treat, containing well-developed, multi-track recordings 
(in fact, they sound like they're basic tracks or rough mixes).
MS is now a year past the deadline for completing his Kickstarter-funded new album project
He explains himself in this interview from July 2015, saying he's working as fast as he can, 
given the high standard he's set for himself and the music. 
(OK, Matthew, but as one of your backers, please don't wait too long to wrap it up!) 
Ric Menck & Paul Chastain (Velvet Crush) played on the first batch of tracks 
recorded for the project.

Demos 1994-'95
recording locations & dates unknown

soundboard (quality VG+ to Ex-; sounds like a first-gen. source — quality is excellent)

01 Sense of Adventure
02 Not When I Needed It
03 Both Ways
04 Never Said Goodbye
05 Bitter Pill
06 You
07 Come to Love
08 I Almost Forgot
09 You Make Me Feel Like a Pro 
10 Sinking Feeling
11 Superbaby
12 Space
13 We're the Same
14 Lost My Mind
15 Everything Changes
16 Breaks My Heart
17 Hate
18 You're Gonna Lose
19 She's a Breeder
20 Feeling My Way

db.etree indicates some of these are from the 100% Fun era

YET MORE THANKS to Don at the old ASH blog for sharing.

ASH Tuesday post #40.


  1. Thanks so much for these. Matthew Sweet was the soundtrack to my 90s, and every note he's produced is precious to me. Can't wait to load them in the player and rock out!

  2. Hello Pernt -- enjoy.

    Might have a few more MS rarities sets to share in the future, so check back from time to time.

  3. as another kickstarter funder of matthew's album project, i could not agree with your sediments more! thanks for these deomos

  4. your link to where matthew is on his new album got me interested to see if there is any more news. here are two more recent articles as well as this news on who is playing on it b-sides the crush guys:

    And I’m going to do a third big batch of songs, and that’s the batch that Greg Leisz is going to play on, along with this other guy, Val McCallum. His father was David McCallum, who starred in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. He was raised by Charles Bronson. It’s weird. But he’s an amazing guitar player in Los Angeles. He and Greg have played a lot with Lucinda Williams. I went and saw them in Sioux City, Iowa, recently, and I also saw the Zombies in Denver because I’m trying to get Rod Argent to play on some stuff. I’ve got some of those cool people, too, like Gary Louris from the Jayhawks. I think Darien [Sahanaja] from Brian Wilson’s band and Al Jardine from the Beach Boys are going to do some background vocals. Al’s the one from the Beach Boys who has the most intact voice. He can still do the banks of vocals, so that should be pretty cool.


    1. Hey johnny - thanks a bunch for the updates. Amazing details there re: Greg L. I read liner notes, so I'll be on the lookout for him...

    2. Hey johnny - regarding your questions about transferring old tapes from 930 Club, why don't you email me at rdfield [at] rocketmail [dot] com?


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