Friday, March 11

Devo - Akron 1977 + Minneapolis 1978 (sbd)

The Crypt
Akron, OH
February 1977

(exact date not known)

soundboard (quality: VG+) 

SAMPLE: "Secret Agent Man" 
Akron, OH '77

DEVO: willfully, wonderfully weird
01 Praying Hands (partial) 
02 Social Fools
03 Be Stiff
04 Uncontrollable Urge
05 Secret Agent Man
06 Shrivel Up
07 Last Time I Saw St. Louis
08 Fraulein
09 Too Much Paranoias
10 Huboon Stomp
11 Space Junk
12 Mongoloid
13 Falling In Love Again 
14 Soo Bawls
15 Blockhead
16 Jocko Homo (end cut)
17 Words Get Stuck 
     In My Throat*
Minneapolis, Nov. 1978: how it looked from the front

*Track 17 may be from a different, unidentified show

Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, MN 
November 3, 1978

soundboard (quality Ex-; transferred from Warner Brothers master tapes)

SAMPLE: "Uncontrollable Urge" (Minneapolis '78)

DEVO: men in tights & knee socks 
01 General Boy Intro
02 Wiggly World
03 Pink Pussycat
04 Satisfaction
05 Too Much Paranoias
06 Praying Hands
07 Uncontrollable Urge
08 Mongoloid
09 Jocko Homo
10 Smart Patrol — Mr DNA 
11 Sloppy
12 Come Back Jonee
13 Gut Feeling — 
     Slap Your Mammy 
14 DEVO Corp Anthem
15 General Boy intro — 
     Red Eye Express
16 Words Get Stuck
     In My Throat

WATCH FOUR SONGS from the Akron '77 SHOW
(exclusive to this blog: live set starts at 2:00)
Learn more about the music of Devo 
at Wikipedia and the band's official site

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