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Pugwash - Live 2013 and 2014

2 separate shows; 2 separate downloads
'1905 Main St.' Live session
Huntington Beach High School   
Huntington Beach, CA    
October 2014

soundboard recording (sound quality VG++; impressive sound quality, especially considering it was recorded by high school students)  
Looks can be deceiving. The 'laddish' Pugwash make sublime pop music.

GENUINE THANKS to Michael Simmons and his students at Huntington Beach High School for sharing their very impressive piece of work. 

01 Take Me Away
02 Answers On a Postcard
03 Fall Down
04 Be My Friend Awhile
05 Apples
06 Dear Belinda
07 Here
08 There You Are
09 The Morning Sunshine
      (Idle Race / Jeff Lynne cover)
10 Finer Things In Life
11 It's Nice to Be Nice  
A 9-part interview taped during the same session is included in this download. Interviewer is HBHS student Maddie Ducharme. Watch the whole session, with songs and talking interspersed, HERE.

ROB SEZ: Do musicians ever consult anyone else before choosing a band name? I really wish Irish pop genius Thomas Walsh had asked me, because I would have said, "Pugwash? You're thinking about calling your band Pugwash? Just how little music do you really want to sell?" 
I guess the name isn't supposed to matter if you're in it for the music — which, in this case, is some of the finest pop-rock to reach my ears in a very long time. Don't take my word for it: check out the endorsements from the likes of Jason Falkner, Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, Daniel Radcliffe (yes, him) and some guy named Brian Wilson. If you discover just one new artist this year, make it Pugwash.
Pugwash onstage in 2011, photo by konyskiw via Flickr

Thomas Walsh – vocals, guitar
Tosh Flood – guitar, keyboard, vocals   
Shaun McGee - bass   
Joey Fitzgerald - drums

Botanic House 
Dublin, Ireland
May 3, 2013

audience recording (sound quality VG+; this show took place in a pub, so the atmospherics are cozy; crowd chatter is there, but not too frequent or distracting.)
PUGWASH: proof that guys with beards can make beautiful music

SUPER DELUXE THANKS to Kagee1 for taping, transferring & sharing so generously

01 tuning & intro
02 Be My Friend a While
03 Apples
04 There You Are
05 Take Me Away
06 The Finer Things In Life
07 Something New
08 Dear Belinda
09 Oh Well / Albatross
10 Don't Let Me Down
11 Kings & Queens
12 Your Friend
13 Here
14 Keep Moving On
15 Fall Down
16 It’s Nice to Be Nice
17 Anyone Who Asks
18 Start
19 The Age of Revolution  
20 Answers on a Postcard    

The music of Pugwash
finally achieved North American distribution via Omnivore,
which released this compilation in 2014
Buy the CD or download; enjoy; repeat.
  ...& Haper's got several rarities collections at Popfair

Learn more about the music of Pugwash at Wikipedia


  1. Psssst: what about THIS?!?

    ‘On With the Show’
    Best Covers

    various dates & sources; mostly soundboard recordings (sound quality range: VG to Ex-)

    01 On With the Show
    02 I Can Hear the Grass Grow
    03 In My Own Time
    04 Mr. Blue Sky (live)
    05 Ashes to Ashes (live with Section Quartet)
    06 Us and Them (live with Section Quartet)
    07 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?
    08 All You Need Is Love
    09 Dr. Robert
    10 If I Needed Someone (live)
    11 Radio Ga Ga (live)
    12 His Train (live)
    13 Walter Reed (acoustic)
    14 Telephone Line (acoustic)
    15 To My Maker
    16 You're Like Manchester
    17 Thanks for Christmas
    18 Glass Onion (live)
    19 mystery track

    TT: 65 mins.

    MEGA THANKS to Haper at Popfair, where most of these and many others can be found in his impressive series of Pugwash rarities


  2. Thank you so much for the Pugwash, goodies (and hat's off to the HBHS kids!). Great stuff, and I'm glad they do at least on Duckworth-Lewis Method song. Great stuff!

  3. Hi!
    I am looking for a lossless version of the Huntington Beach recording.
    Would it be possible to set up a trade ? Please, have a look at my list for more Pugwash recordings:
    Hope to hear from you.

    1. Anonymous - please look for a message I sent to the email address I found at the top of your list.


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