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Bob Mould - Hollywood, CA 1989

The Whisky a Go Go
Hollywood, CA
May 18, 1989
audience recording (sound quality VG++; this is a VERY impressive audie; taper mounted the mic high up, so crowd noise is not an issue)
performance: woah!
Bob Mould: onstage with Hüsker Dü in 1985
photo by Bob Francos

01 Sunspots - Wishing Well

02 Compositions for the Young and Old
03 Heartbreak a Stranger
04 Dreaming I Am
05 If You're True
06 Poison Years
07 banter
08 Sinners and Their Repentances
09 band intros (etc.)
10 Lonely Afternoon
11 Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
12 See a Little Light
13 Whichever Way the Wind Blows
14 All Those People Know
15 Shoot Out the Lights
16 banter
17 Hardly Getting Over It
18 Celebrated Summer
19 Makes No Sense

SINCERE THANKS to Tapegeek for recording and HITWITSTUFF2 for sharing

Tapegeek did an outstanding job recording this
REPERCUSSION: Chris Stamey played second guitar for a few months on Mould’s 1989 tour. A music critic for the L.A. Times caught Bob's show at The Roxy and referred to the backing band as an “alternative all-star quartet.” He said Chris’ playing in the show “complemented Mould's sprawling, broad swaths of guitar with pinpoint, crystal-clear solos and fills.” In his 2011 autobiography, Mould revealed why Chris’ stint with the tour was so short-lived. After several initial shows, Mould told the band he wanted the onstage volume to be louder. Chris, pointing to each of his ears in turn, replied “Alex Chilton took this ear, and you’re not taking this one.” Catch a glimpse of Chris playing live with Bob in this video from 1989 (segment starts at 2:00 mark).

ROB SEZ: I’ve wanted to post a live show with Chris in Bob’s touring band for some time. I thought I’d found one a while back, but then it got released as part of the Workbook 25th anniversary edition. Honestly, though, I prefer this one — including the sound quality, because it better captures the atmospherics. It's the best-sounding audie I’ve heard in a long time. I didn’t think I was much of a Bob Mould fan until I heard this show; it’s that good. Check the sample and see what you think…
(no MP3 this time due to taper & poster's request; please do not convert to lossy except for your personal use) 
Bob Mould - vocals, lead guitar
Chris Stamey - guitar
Anton Fier - drums
Tony Maimone - bass

 "See a Little Light" is from the album Workbook
Here's Bob playing it in 2014, live on Letterman
 Who says old guys can't rock?!?
Learn more about the music of Bob Mould 
at Wikipedia or Bob's own site


  1. Bob Mould

    Little Brother's

    Columbus, OH

    Nov. 19, 2005


audience recording (VG quality)

    BIG THANKS to Thull for sharing this one!

    1. Wishing Well

    2. Hear Me Calling

    3. Hoover Dam

    4. See a Little Light

    5. Thumbtack

    6. No Reservations

    7. Hardly Getting Over It

    8. High Fidelity

    9. Eternally Fried

    10. Sinners and Their Repentances

    11. Circles

    12. Paralyzed

    13. Lonely Afternoon

    14. The Act We Act

    15. I Apologize
16. Chartered Trips

    17. Your Favorite Thing

    18. Celebrated Summer

    19. Celebrated Summer (reprise)

    20. If I Can't Change Your Mind

    21. Makes No Sense at All

    presumed lineup:

    Bob Mould - vocals, guitars

    Jason Narducy - bass, back-up vocals

    Richard Morel - keyboards

    Brendan Canty - drums


MP3@VBR (avg. 280 kbps)

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